Rising Sun 05042018

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Today is departure day and we decided to take our own sweet time. We checked out at 1100. We had a problem obtaining the free luggage storage service. We strolled around Namba train station whilst waiting.

After stowing away our burdens, we headed towards Osaka Castle.

We had a lunch picnic under the tree in the nearby garden and after that headed home. We looked for the rapi:t train to Kansai Airport which was worth 1270.00 each.

We reached the airport at 1811 and try to find our way around. Air asia X was at international Terminal (South). E1-E7.

After baggage drop, we ate our last meal in Japan.

It was delish. Cost 1300.00yen.

Bubbye expensive Japan. Hello lovely Malaysia 😘.


Rising Sun 04042018

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Its almost the end of our Japan trip. How else better to close the journey with Universal Studios Japan! 😘

We ran towards the Forbidden Journey ride and today there is no timed pass. It was awesome!


  1. Hippogriff ride
  2. butterbeer drinking
  3. JAWS
  4. Jurassic park the ride
  5. The backdraft (san francisco)
  6. Spiderman the ride.
  7. Terminator 3D
  8. Flying Dinosaur

It was the perfect ending ride in USJ 😍. After a bit of shopping and a stopover at HRC, we hunted for dinner but then decided we should finish our rations instead.

Rising Sun 03042018

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Today is our second day to Kyoto. Hopefully more fruitful than yesterday. We started our day at 0745 to get the non reserved shinkansen. We managed the 0853 KODAMA. Previously we took the Hikari train.

Our first destination is a repeat of Fushimi Inari.

Then we had a picnic under the Arashiyama bamboo grove before catching our 1300 Saigano romantic train.

620 Yen for the Romantic train, we began the ride on time.

Saigano Train is not so romantic at all. The train is bumpy and the fact that we are on a standing train, i couldnt really take in the scenery regardless how beautiful it is…

A bit of a waste. Another waste would be us buying return bus tickets to Kinkakuji temple which shouldve been covered yesterday.

JR line to Enmachi then we walked to the bus station to Kinkakuji. 230 yen one way. πŸ€ͺ (then we found out that the bus covered by JR) DAFUQ!!!

Entrance fee 400 yen to this temple.

We decided to end pur day and head back to Osaka. A Latias raid later, we reached Osaka and tried the Ayam Ya branch in Namba.

And the day ended early for us with a full tummy. Alhamdulillah. That dish with kara age was worth 780+380.

Rising Sun 02042018

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We began our day early today to catch the 0816 train to Kyoto. The highlight of today is the Kiyomizudera Temple. The train rides itself lasted an hour (3 stops). I refuse to pay more than what i have.

8.16-8.31 we went to the info counter to get guides. We took the bus day pass worth 600.00.

We took the 206 bus to kiyomizudera. It was quite a hike up the hill to see the temple.

Theres a well of health, love and knowledge in the temple area. Then we had vanilla green tea ice cream for 350 yen.

We searched for a halal food shop but it was full and another one besides it was reserved.

We walked a bit and found another indian resto. Dhaba Noorsbi Gion. One meal cost 1200.00.

We strolled at Maruyama Park and headed straight to Nishiki Market.

In Nishiki Market… theres nothing much excep convenient stores and seafood galore.

We bought fridge magnets from here worth 100 yen each.

Next stop is daikakuji temple but when we reached there it was closed. But then we were informed that we should go to kinkakuji instead of dai (facepalm)

We found ourself back on JR and planned our romantic train trip. πŸ˜….

We skipped Arayashima Bamboo Tree to go to Fushimi Inari but got lost to the outskirts of Nara.

As we reached Fushimi Inari, the tourist spot is dark and not lit like in the pictures.

Another disappointment. We went to Kyoto station to grab dinner at Ayam Ya.

Post dinner we head back to Osaka.

Rising Sun 01042018

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Today is a bit laid back for me as i could just laze in the hotel room whilst waiting for checkout time at 1100 and train to osaka at 1303.

The rest went to ameyami and some fabric shop in Nippori fabric town. We started to enter the JR system at 1140.

oolong tea 160.00

We reached Shin osakaa 1600 and went straight to Namba station to our abode. Surprisingly, the fast lane for the escalators here are of different side from Tokyo. Tokyo fast lane on the right, osaka left.

We reached the hotel at 1842 after a delay in obtaining the keys.

We strolled to Dotonbori whilst hubting for dinner and found an Indian restoοΏΌ. Might as well rest the sashimi and ramen for today.

It was a good mutton biryani served with yoghurt and chicken curry worth 1080.00.

Glico Running Man, an icon of Osaka. Wondered why. πŸ˜…

A far walk ahead is hard rock cafe and we ended the night with some pokemon hunt.

Rising Sun 31032018

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We began out day with a makeshift breakfast of nasi lemak and headed towards Meguro Park for a sakura hunt. We bought a day pass metro for 600yen.

We reached Meguro park at 0930.

The choc banana is worth 300.

then we went to meiji harujiku to the shrine and the takeshita street (japanese version of petaling street)

Then we left for ikebukuro for pokemon mega store tokyo. Nothing much interesting there though.

After that we went to Tsujiki Market to experience fresh Jap seafood. Toei line 180.00 yen to tsujikishio.

That grilled assorted stuff was worth 1000 yen. πŸ˜… we need rice as well, therefore we took a sashimi set worth around 1500.00 in a different resto.

We walked the calorie off to Ginza which was only 10 minutes away.

Surprisingly, we found a designated prayer space in LAOX Mall.

After prayers, we shopped for chocolate at a muslim friendly rack.

After taking picture of the tallest uniqlo in the world, we head straight to asakusa via metro.

We went after that to Meiji Shrine (at asakusa station).

At sumida park in Asakusa, we once again view the hanami tradition with the Tokyo Sky tree view.

and our second dinner for tonight was at a Halal Sushi place called Asakusa Sushi Ken.

5 Nigiri dish can go as low as 500 to 4000.00. Mine was about 1300.00. πŸ˜….

Last stop was the Rock shop in ueno which i spent 5800.00 for myself πŸ€ͺ.

Rising Sun 30032018

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Today is a bit laidback. We began our journey at 0800 to reach shinjukugyoen park at 0845. The park opens at 0900 and entrance tix is worth 200yen each.

We spent an hour there and began our journey to kawaguchi lake via otsuki. Turned out that we need to book for our train ride to otsuki.

We reached otsuki at 1200 (1.5hours) and bought another train tix to kawaguchiko for 1140.00

We reached kawaguchiko at 1345 and took the red line to the cable car worth 150 yen. One station away is to kawaguchiko’s ropeway. Round tix was worth 800yen.

Atop the ropeway is an observatory overlooking mount fujiyama.

The weathers not so clear today. At the store, we bought daifuku (260 yen).

We went back to the station via same way and said our prayers in the locker room. Our train departed at 1645 and reached at 1739 to otsuki. The we proceed for the Kaiji express on 1801 and arrived at 1905. We met Halim on the way and he told us the ways of the Japanese. πŸ˜…

We looked for a halal place in Shinjuku station called Yoshiya.

1580.00 yen for a bento meal. Surprisingly, seasoning in Japan is awesome compared to Malaysia japanese resto.

We headed to Chaduri gifocchi post dinner via Toei train line. Tix worth 220.00. We reached Kudanshita station at 2108 and then walked to Chidori Gafucchi.

Then another 280 yen from hanzomon to roppongi. HARD ROCK CAFE!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

To naka okachimachi yen200.00. Really not a very good planning in terms of transport.