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KL Fabulous Food Hunt 2014

Posted: October 18, 2014 in Master Hunter


Another level for my huntmastery had been achieved today when i accomplished the KL Fabulous Food Hunt 2014 with 3 friends. Basically we entered for fun, and thus achieved 67th place out of 135 teams. We now established that our team would fare less if no mental skills required. (Definitely we are physically inadequate… Need more self-prescribed exercise.)

So, 18th October 2014. After all the drama of asking everyone that i know to replace one of my teammate, the day arrived and the places to go were disclosed.


What we need to do is the decide the shortest route and how to get there. The rule is simple. Only public transport allowed.

1. Burger bakar kaw2 – Wangsa Maju
We opted the lrt first because everyone at the starting point (Malaysian Tourism Info Centre Jalan Ampang) were hailing a cab. Here i ate a sumptuous beef burger which was excellent!

2. Restoran asam pedas setiawangsa
Still couldnt get a cab, we went back to the lrt to setiawangsa for this asam pedas. Rahman was next (because there was no beef or red meat involved)

3. Dapur Muor Assam Pedas Danau kota
Managed to grab a cab to charter for the day and went to Danau Kota. Here it was Nazirs turn to eat Mee Bandung. (We thought it was another assam pedas) and kopi o kosong.

4. Mee Cord Sungai Penchala
We planned for the furthest checkpoint in Sg Penchala and was surved kuey tiaw basah. It was Amirs turn. He was in a hurry that he spilt some broth on his jeans 😁

Now everyone’s belly is filled with something. On to round two.

5. Kedai Makan Murah Meriah Kampung Baru
Here we were served white rice and telur itik masak lemak cili api which would be Nazir’s favourite. Clean in 2 minutes.

6. NZ Darulnaim -Chow Kit
Nasi dagang and kari ikan tongkol was the next delicacy and it was Amir’s turn. He said it was delicious.

7. Sup meletup Bandar Seri Permaisuri
It was an easy breezy task for me as we once in a while take this dish for dinner. And furthermore the broth is not so thick (plus i added some iced water to cool it down). Less than a minute was required to gulp all.

8. Family corner bandar tun razak
Laksa Penang was the second last dish and Rahman had to take it. It wasnt his favourite… But he gulped it anyway. Kudos.

And we took the same cab back (rm150.00 in total since we insisted on charging by meter). In kompleks craft, we sent the preschool puzzle (one of the requirement which we completed in the cab) and went on to the last meal which was rice and ikan patin tempoyak. It was the fastest i ate ruce and it never occured to me that i could do that feat unscathed. Lol

And we ended the game 67th place. But we were just glad that we could finish it. Would we enter again next year? I would think twice because theres not much of intelligent element in it, which was the one that intrigued me into hunting in the first place. Anagrams and problem solving really intrigued me. This hunt was mainly good planning and some physical endurance.

Nonetheless, its one form of treasure hunting and im glad that we participated. 😉