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Same old story

Posted: August 3, 2015 in Blabber, Sri Aman


I left the place in 2010 and 5 years later it is still in its old rundown condition. Customers increase, but the same four walls need to accommodate.

And now i heard the new building plan has only 20 extra beds than the current one. 😷 Is that progress?



Alhamdulillah, the journey to my new workplace was uneventful. The road conditions were satisfactory and the traffic was minimal. I reached Sri Aman within 2.5 hours

1. Kuching – Serian : 1 hour

2. Serian – Simunjan intersection : 0.5 hours

3. Simunjan intersection – Lachau : 0.5 hours

4. Lachau – Sri Aman : 0.5 hours

The house condition was great after our June spring clean. Just a layer of vacuuming and I’m settled. Water and power supply, internet, air condition, water heater, fridge and kettle were in mint state. Minimal groceries shopping at Everise and I feel at home away from home.

Just like old times. Hope everything goes well in the new workplace. Insyaallah.