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Hunting Weekend

Posted: February 16, 2015 in Event, Foodie, Gamer, Globetrotter

Onlookers, I would say that last weekend (7-8 feb) is one of the most fruitful ones I’ve had as it fulfilled most of my alter egoes. The puzzleteir, the hobbyist, the kiddoc, the explorer, and the foodie. (5 of 10! Not bad!) I travelled to KL for the weekend with return tickets worth RM199.00 with the aim to bring back a portion of my belongings back to kuching. I reached KLIA at midnight and reached my Kl abode around 1 am. It was nice to see my best bud again. He was stressed out at work and i think really needed this break. I packed up some things that i need to bring back to Kuching (including two new game boxes).

IMG_8829 The next day, we finished first in THS KL leg 2 treasure hunt in Bangsar.

IMG_8859 We had lunch at marmalade BV and rushed to Kamal Medical Bookstore, to buy some books. We then headed to my eldest sis place after picking up my second sister who arrived from Penang.

IMG_8984 Two rounds of Blood Bowl later, we headed home to rest.

IMG_8871Woke up early to start our journey from KL to Ipoh for the second hunt. It took 2.5 hours to reach there with ample time for breakfast and subuh pitstop. We were 3rd in the Ipoh hunt, beaten by 2 penangite teams.

IMG_8886 We drove from ipoh to KLIA and had burger King there. My flight was at 10.20pm and I had ample time to eat my favourite chocolate banana cake from Secret Recipe. 😁👍

IMG_8889I reached home at midnight only to prepare for supervisory visit to Sri Aman and Betong the next day…👍👍 I just love it if i had the chance to fully utilize my time 😍😍✌️