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I took up the chance to visit my Sri Aman abode by volunteering for a supervisory visit there and Betong.

It was an excellent feeling to come back and I was warmly greeted by familiar faces. Two main questions that were asked: “why lost so much weight!?” And “are you married!?”


After seeing 72 out of 111 outpatient and 6 inpatients, we resumed our day with an hour of CME about a transfer checklist. I went home later to see a superficial defect in my master bedroom probably due to aircond leak😭. I ended the day with dinner with Kak Pija and family.


The next day was the trip to Betong. All 42 cases came and we ended at 1pm. After lunch, prayers, inpatient visit and CME, I headed home to Kuching which took 3.5 hours drive.

I felt more useful and appreciated in district setting. I guess id be happier in August 😊



Day 3 (16122014)

Breakfast started at 7am and we had a feast at Kervansaray Hotel. Turks seem to have a staple diet of soup, bread, olives and cheese.


It was 0800 when we departed by bus to Canakkale (aka ceramic castle). The temperature was 6 degrees Celcius.

The ride took 4.5 hours and it was again foggy most of the way. Towards the last hour of the ride the fog cleared and the view of marble sea was magnificent. We were also entertained by the tour guide, Ali, with the legend of Troy.

Troy is also known as the land of 9 cities. When we reached Troy, the ruins were marked into eras, between 3000 BC to 600 AD, of each cities built, ruined either by war or calamities and then rebuilt by anothe civilization.

Why is it so popular? Is it merely because of the beautiful Helen? πŸ‘Έ The guide informed us that Troy is a port of landing to wait for wind, as most of the ship at that time uses sails. The location is strategic at tartanellus strait because it connects Aegean Sea from Europe to the Marble Sea and subsequently to the black Sea through Bosphorus strait towards Russia.

We reached Wilusa restaurant at 12.30 for lunch. We had soup and salad, kebab and cheesecake for dessert. It is sad that i can seem to see a pattern of the Turkish lunch set now (it is only Day 3 of 12!!! 😳). It was 14 degrees.


Troy was a vast area of rubbles. It was preserved well, but there was no obvious plan to rebuild the area. I think it is complicated enough to excavate and differentiate 9 cities from the ruins. The main attraction here was the famous Trojan horse (original size but not the original horse).

We finished the field trip in Troy at
1500 and headed towards Tusan Hotel in Canakkale. After check-in, we had a stroll towards the pool and beach. The pool was not well kept, probably because of winter season, but i dont think that made it right to leave moss-filled water in it! πŸ™Š. The beach was well… also not well preserved. My postulation is that this Tartanellus strait is a busy waterway, and therefore a lot of rubbish should be expected in the sea… πŸ˜’

It was dark by 1700 and we has dinner in Tusan Hotel restaurant at 1830. Again the same entre of soup and salad, but there was an extra vegetarian popiah included. Lucky, the main dish was grilled mackarel and the selection of dessert was awesome! We called it a night at 8pm, there was nothing much around this strait side of Canakkale.

Turkey Trip (Istanbul-Bursa)

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Day 1 (14122014)
The three most eligible bachelors, started our journey started our journey early (unlike most times πŸ˜…) at 1730 KL time. We rode a taxi to KLIA for a fee of RM65.00. We were scheduled to meet Miss Hanim, the ground manager, for flight check in at 2000. After that, the 12 hours flight (TK61) took off at 2330 local time (GMT +8).

Turkish airline has a wide selection of entertainment. I managed to watch 3
movies that i missed on cinema (Secret life of Walter Mitty, Life of Pi & Sucker Punch). Looking forward to watch Benjamin Button on the return flight. 😁 We had two meals which were good. However, there were a few things lacking in this flight were, unfriendly hostesses, small leg space and the way they distributed bread were as if giving it to the homeless πŸ˜–.

We arrived at 0430 (GMT +2), 1 hour ahead of schedule. The landing was superb!

Day 2 (15122014)
It was 9 degrees celcius in Istanbul when we landed. There was nothing extraordinary about the airport but i was quite surprised of the lax of immigration security (given the current ISIS scare). No visa required and no declaration document needed to be filled upon arrival.

We had our subuh prayers at a nearby mosque and boarded the wifi-equipped tour bus along with 33 others heading to Bursa at 0600

It was a foggy day, and the ride to Bursa took 3.5 hours including a 40 minutes ferry ride across Marble Sea.
On board the ferry, we ate bazlama (a kebab bread fillled with salami and cheese and drank sahlep, i hot, sweet, creamy beverage.

In Bursa, we visited 2 places namely the Green mosque and the Green tomb, both constructed around 1421 by Sultan Belthazor (spell check requiredπŸ˜…). We strolled towards a nearby pastry house and bought some delicacies and Turkish delight. Lunch was held at Yuce Hunkar at 11.30. We had Iskandar kebab and caramel pudding which were surprisingly delish!

We then headed to the grand mosque (ulu cami) at 12.30, and was told about the tales of 20 domes by our guide. Belthazor once vowed, that if he won the war, he will build 20 mosques, and when he did, he was dumbfounded about the location of all these mosques. The idea of this 20-domed mosques were proposed by one of his scholars.

Beside the mosque was a huge bazaar called Silk Bazaar. It was neverending with multiple sections including shoes, jeweleries and fresh market. The merchants there are fierce looking but not demanding/forcing. We only saw beggars towards the end of the walk.

We checked in at Kervansaray Hotel at 2.30pm and rested our tired bodies. Dinner at 7pm was at the hotel and it was also superb. Luckily that all of us were calorie conscious now, so we dont eat that much anymore. (Aging process, perhaps…πŸ™Š).


The night walk around the hotel area was our final activity before we called it a day. The cold breeze was biting into our skin and therefore we rushed back to the hotel.

Cant wait for whats next! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘