Day 4 : Back to Seoul

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We began our journey @ 0730 after a breakfast of milo, bread, scrambled eggs and canned anchovy sauce brought from home. Our first stop before the airport is the Dongmun Market. 

A lot of fresh items sold there eg fish, seafood and the infamous black pig. However we were looking for jeju specific souvenirs. 

Banana milk = 990

Fridge magnet = 3000

Then we went for gasoline = 1590/L to a total of 33000 for half tank 😱

Our bus shuttle to Jeju airport is at 0842. After self checkin and luggage drop (machamp raid in between) we waited at the boarding area, eating our freshly bought persimmons. 

The flight departed at 1100 as scheduled only to land at Gimpo International Airport at 1205 and obtained luggage by 1230 . Our friend waited there and we immediately acquired a free tour guide to our guesthouse!  🎉

Train = 1250 + 300

Reached seoul station 1350 and changed train at line 4 to Myeongdong Station. We checked in and then explored Myeongdong. 

Late lunch at a halal resto called Busanjib. 

Our next destination required us to take the subway to Jamsil where Lotte Mall & Lotte World is located, not to go there exactly, but to visit the Hard Rock Cafe

Train = 1250 + 100

After HRC, we explored the entrance of Lotte World, a theme park we didnt choose over Everland. 

Train 1250 + 0

We headed to Samseong to take a picture at the iconic monument of Gangnam. 

We headed for dinner at Yang Good. It is a halal bbq lamb and chicken which is quite affordable

Train = 1250 + 0

Dinner = 12000

We managed our farfetchd for the week. 

We reached the guesthouse at 2300. 

Train = 1250+100


Day 3: Around Jeju

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We started our journey at 0830 after breakfast of bread and ommelette in the guesthouse. 

1. Hamdeok Beach

2. Gimnyeong Maze Park

It took us 13 minutes 40 seconds to find the exit. We left at 1030

Admission fee = 2000
3. Manjanggul Cave

It was a suprisingly cold underground tunnel which require a 10km walk to get to the finale stalagmite. It took us 30minute to go and 15 minutes to get out of the cave. 

Admission fee = 3300

4. Seongsan Ilchulbong

A steep 45 minutes climb starting from 1200. It was picturesque but the heat of the sun made the walk arduous. 

7E = coffee milk 1000

Coke zero = 1800

Mineral water = 850

Admission fee = 2000
5.  Jeongbang Falls
We reached there at 1430 and left at 1510. Managed to eat the local sashimi for 10000 won. 

Admission fee = 2000

6. Oedolgae Rocks

Admission FOC
7. Jusangjeolli Cliffs

1700 to the next destination. Jusangjeoli cloffs, the largest lava columns. 

8. Hyopjae Beach

Sunset @ Hyopjae Beach

We ended our roadtrip at 0830 and freshened up. We had dinner at the guesthouse. 2230, we went for pokemon hunt, which to our dismay didnt appear. I wonder if there’s a curfew here after 10pm for pogo at Shinsan park. 🤔

Still, no farfetchd sighted. 

Day 1&2: A Farfetch’d Journey

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Today will mark the beginning of our journey to the Land of Morning Calm, South Korea. A bit farfetched because it is not in my bucket list. We considered it just because a colleague of mine is doing his attachment there. 

Our initial thought was, substantial amount of money can be saved from accommodation but to our dismay, our friend lives in the outskirt of Seoul. Somehow or rather, after being provoked as being thrifty, the plan resumed. 

I began from Sri Aman by car, and drove from 1100 to 1400. Lunched at home, we left for the airport by 3. Already, my travel companion from Kuching has problem with his luggage weighing 15.5 kg. 😂. After sorting out his luggage, we board AK5229 and landed in KL at 1845. 

Train: KLIA2-KLIA = RM2

It has been a while since i had a burger king meal (although few outlets are available in my hometown). Burger king was what we had for dinner. After kiosk check in and waited at the boarding lounge, the flight finally took off at 12 MN. 

6 hours later, we landed at Incheon International Airport. The local time is 0720. Immigration settled at 0800 and we rushed to retrieve our luggage and headed for the wifi egg and t-money station. 

T Money = 4,000 (online said 2,500) + 31,000

Wifi Egg SK Telecom = USD29.50 online

Halal Restaurant Week Coupons = FOC

We went directly for the shuttle bus towards Gimpo Airport. The info counter lady was very helpful. She said subway to Gimpo is cheaper but will require a longer walk to reach the airport. The shuttle bus will drop us directly to the airport itself. With our luggage and all, we opted the bus. 

However, we were charged 9000 won for the bus. Despite t-money. 😩. Shouldve taken the subway (3750)

Shuttle bus = 9000

We waited for Jeju air counter to open at 1030, dropped luggage and pokemon hunt another hour. We went to the boarding lounge and tasted banana milk and korean coffee from 7E. 

Banana milk = 1000

1235 we were shuttled for 50 metres to the plane. The flight duration is 1hr plus and we reached jeju at 1355. Another luggage wait and we claimed our car rental at hertz. 

It took us quite a while to find our guesthouse which lay deep in the alleyway of gwangyang in jeju city. After an escort by a local samaritan, we finally checked in and settled our stuff. My only complaint is that the towel is too small and there is no designated guest parking space. But otherwise, everything else is clean and comfortable. High speed free wifi and high standard security for the rooms. And although we didnt utilize it, there is also a washing machine and dryer service provided for a fee. 

Our dusk & night drive included the coastal side of Jeju City. 

As well as myterious road and Jeju Love Land. 

Jeju Love Land = 9000

We ended the night with a scrumptuous feast of Shabu Shabu.  

Shabu-shabu meal = 31000

Cruise Day 2

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Main activity on board is sleep, eat and play (boardgame). However highlight for day 2 is excursion to Phuket. 

We were transported to the island via a boat which departed at 12.30pm

In Phuket, we bought sim card (1st priority to catch Pokemon there in hope of Lapras sighting. However the most rare species that we caught was wobbuffet and had several sightings of skarmory. 

We went to hard rock cafe and starbucks for some shopping and strolled all the way from one end to the other in Patong Beach. We stayed until 2100 for the teturn transfer to StarCruise. 

After supper, we had another session of 4 player Colt Express and ended the day at 0200. 

Cruise Day 1

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Despite sleeping at 0130 am, i managed to wale up again at 0630 at continued hunting at 0700. Finally, i got what i wished for, an amazing Party-Pika. 

We went out for breakfast, and wandered around penang. Apparently, its car free day and a lot is happening on the designated streets. 

1130 we went back to the hotel to recharge and pack for our next destination. We went to the jetty for our cruise at 1300 and boarded. I thought it was the bigger ship, but they were two ships on swettenham pier. The smaller one was starcruise Libra. 

On the ship was a 9 storey gargantuan that has multiple facilities including, show area, ktv, restos, swimming pool, basketball court and gambling facilities by one world resort. We had lunch onboard. 

At 1600 we started our journey and 1645 had our safety drill. We were team A1 and our safety boats were number 4,3 and 10. 

After the drill, we were welcomed by a party performance and bbq dinner. 

Internet was an extra charge of rm115.00 for 72 hours for usage of three devices. 

A tour briefing was conducted at 2030 showcasing places of interest in Phuket and Krabi. Plan for dropoff need to be informed to the crew. First out is at 12pm and last to return is at 11.30pm to phuket. 

2115-2200 is a show called Flash Dance which is free. Lol. Very chinese show. They shouldve made it more international. 

We played colt express in  our room and ended our day with two wins of 3. 

KCH – Pen 04032017

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After a 5 hour drive from Sri Aman to Kuching (with PoGo detours), watching Professor X and Logan die in GSC and farming pokeballs in waterfront yesterday, I am currently on board the flight to Penang (0930-1130). Tomorrow would be our 4 days 3 nights cruise to celebrate a friend’s birthday. How Lucky and Posh 🎉. 

We reached the airport, Ubered to the hotel and started our pokemon hunt whilst waiting for 2 more for lunch. We had lunch at Deen’s Nasi Kandar. 

After lunch, we went to buy jeruk and subsequently queued up again for cendol. 

We went home after that and waited for another 2 friends to come and went for dinner/supper. 

Then we went on to hunt and i hatched my 500th egg 🎉

Ziarah Wida in Madinah 04022017

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Today is our last day in Madinah al Mukarramah. The last day to obtain 1000 times more than the good deeds in other places. (Mekah would be 100,000 times, and masjidil aqsa would be 500 times.)

I fear God. I was tested a great deal other than my cracked lips and soles. We started our day as usual with subuh, then dhuha. We had breakfast and head out again To say farewell to our Beloved Prophet in Rhaudhah. 


Bab Us Salam. The door to Rhaudhah. 

I walked to Al-baik from Rhaudhah for a second take-out meal requested by dad. Unfortunately it was slightly burnt and dry, unlike the first time. 

After lunch, we prepared to pack and head to the airport. 

Our hotel for the past few days… Hotel Mawaddah Al Waha. It is Andalusia’s own hotel. Not bad. Just that when overcrowded, the dining hall would be crammed. However the food is awesome! 👍🏻👍🏻

We reached airport at 1640 after 30 minutes bus ride and performed Asr. After sorting out luggage and boarding passes, we went through immigration which was surprisingly efficient unlike its counterpart in Jeddah. 

We were given boxed dinner of chicken briyani to eat at the airport. Our flight then took off at 2055. We reached at 1045 Malaysia time and yet our luggage and air zam-zam settled after noon. 

Kuala Lumpur to Kuching at 1700. Its gonna be a tiring day…