Ziarah Wida in Madinah 04022017

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Today is our last day in Madinah al Mukarramah. The last day to obtain 1000 times more than the good deeds in other places. (Mekah would be 100,000 times, and masjidil aqsa would be 500 times.)

I fear God. I was tested a great deal other than my cracked lips and soles. We started our day as usual with subuh, then dhuha. We had breakfast and head out again To say farewell to our Beloved Prophet in Rhaudhah. 


Bab Us Salam. The door to Rhaudhah. 

I walked to Al-baik from Rhaudhah for a second take-out meal requested by dad. Unfortunately it was slightly burnt and dry, unlike the first time. 

After lunch, we prepared to pack and head to the airport. 

Our hotel for the past few days… Hotel Mawaddah Al Waha. It is Andalusia’s own hotel. Not bad. Just that when overcrowded, the dining hall would be crammed. However the food is awesome! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

We reached airport at 1640 after 30 minutes bus ride and performed Asr. After sorting out luggage and boarding passes, we went through immigration which was surprisingly efficient unlike its counterpart in Jeddah. 

We were given boxed dinner of chicken briyani to eat at the airport. Our flight then took off at 2055. We reached at 1045 Malaysia time and yet our luggage and air zam-zam settled after noon. 

Kuala Lumpur to Kuching at 1700. Its gonna be a tiring day…



1. It is a fine balance between keeping our body well hydrated and not going to the toilet hourly (especially when it is a single digit temperature). 

2. Always wear socks (except during ihram) to prevent cracked heels, which are excruciatingly painful. 

3. Bring chilli sauce (+/- soysauce)

4. Shoe bag to bring everywhere. 

5. International adapter/extension board/power bank for those who needs to be constantly online. Mekah has good wifi coverage but Madinah needs phone data. 2G for me is sufficient for 2 weeks (unless u stream videos)

03022017 Friday in Madinah

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As usual the day started early by 0500 but this time after Subuh, there was no rush. We got back for breakfast and i went out again by 0930 for friday prayers. The Mutowwif reminded us to go as early as 1000 in view of potential congestion, but i went earlier to try my luck in Raudhah. There were lots of people and therefore i cancelled my plan. However i managed to scout the mosque as well as view the rooftop. 

The lunch was promised to have camel meat which we didnt manage to find the previous night. And voila. Allah granted our wish. 

However i might have put my expectations a bit high. In my opinion, camel meat has the mutton-like taste that made it less extraordinary. I dont think it is too extreme for me to say that it is an overpriced lamb shank. 

But im happy to have eaten it though. Any new experience is good for me ☺️. Then it was Asr, and soon Maghrib and Isya. Time really flies here. Especially in between prayers. Partly because the recital was extra long. 

Then we continued shopping. We bought more sejadah, perfumes, more digital beads, and abayas. There was one miniature of masjidil haram thay caught my eyes. It was stated to be SR220. Solidly made. 

I dont have that much cash after the shopping frenzy in the dates farm. I think, id see what it cost in ebay and compare. Lol. 

We ended our day by buying starbucks mug and headed home. 

Madinah (Outer Rim) 02022017

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It was 11 degree celsius. Subuh was freezing cold outside but within the confines of the mosque was warmer. 

We had a quick breakfast and headed for the bus to complete our outer rim visit to Quba, Uhud, Qiblatain and date farm/factory. The journey began at 2000. 

Masjid Quba is the 4th divine mosque after masjidil haram, masjid nabawi, and masjidil aqsa. 

Then we went shopping at the date farm

Masjid Qiblatain is where qiblat was changed from masjidil aqsa to masjidil haram. 2 rakaat was towards Aqsa and the rest to Haram. 

Bukit Uhud was next. And there was a market selling miscellaneous goods. We bought buah zuriat there as well as ice cream. 

And pasar kurma was our next stop. Nothing much there. 

After lunch, zuhur and Asr, we had a briefing and tahlil recital. We were told to bring down our bags at 2.30pm Saturday and subsequently leave an hour later and perform Asr in Madinah Airport. 

After maghrib and isya, we went shopping and the day ended with a cup of instant noodles and shawarma. 

Madinah day 1 01022017

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Masjid Nabawin has more neo-Arab kind of architecture, but at the same time keeping the Islamic elemens in every details. We went there early for Subuh prayers as the day’s itinerary was still vague. 

We started our journey at 0745 

The lightings were serene. We were given some briefing on what to do upon reaching Raudhah and performed solat tahiyyatul masjid. I would say, there’s a system to enter rhaudhah. From 0700 till 0000. 30 minutes wait each, 2 doors. Very much similar to rides/shows in theme parks. Just to make sure enough space and time for people to perform solah. Few solat we will perform

1. Solat sunat mutlaq

2. Solat taubat

3. Solat dhuha

4. Solat hajat

After that it was a free and easy session. We had early lunch, and after zuhur, we had a stroll on the streets of Madinah, and most of their goods are similar to each other, ie abaya, fake jewelleries, dates…we took more pictures and bought ice cream. πŸ˜…

Maghrib and isya was performed at the mosque. It is way cooler and drier than Mecca. My skin is dry. And the cracks on my soles are getting worse. 

We had the controversial dinner in Al baik after recommended by a friend. Controversial because initially we wanted to consume camel meat but when mom said its  not worth it to travel all the way, we couldnt find the resto despite the ustaz spelt it out to us. No one seem to know the place. Anyway. After al baik, three galabaya and a bit of pokestop spinning πŸ™ˆ, we ended our day. 

Wida 31012017

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Its a sad day today… we are leaving Mecca. It is part of the ritual to say a proper goodbye by performing tawaf wida. 

We are not allowed to take pictures after tawaf wida so after subuh, we took loads of photos on the rooftop as well as at the kaabah. 

We did some last minute shopping before the tawaf (Tahina and more fig jam). After tawaf, we had our final meal in Mecca and waited for the bus. The bus departed at 1430 towards Madinah (421 km away) with an ETA of 2100. 

Midway, we made a stop for Asr prayers and early dinner at 1620. It is said that we wont be provided dinner in Madinah. 

We continued our journey at 1740 and entered Madinah at 2015. We arrived at Hotel Mawaddah al Waha at 2045. 

We had a stroll towards Masjid Nabawi after jamak isya/maghrib prayers while buying shawarma for dinner. The night view of Masjid Nabawi was awesome. 

Headed back, had dinner or supper for that matter, and then ended our day. 

30012017 Ziarah Hudaibiyah

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Our itinerary changed from 0800 to 1400. So in the morning, we did subuh prayer, tawaf sunat, dhuha, breakfast, rest, and zuhur. After zuhur we had lunch. And prepared for the Hudaibiyah trip which was SR25 per pax. 

The bus arrived at 1445 and we reached 15 minutes later to the Exhibitions pf the two holy mosques. For a non-enthusiast like me especially on history, it was an easy 20 minutes. Lol. We departed from the museum at 1540. 

Masjid Hudaibiyah is 5-7 minutes away but we past in to see camel farms from afar on the roadside. It was recited that after 6 years, rasulullah wanted to do umrah to mecca but was refused entry. hudaibiyah treaty was then signed. But on 8 hijrah, as the treaty was broken, war erupted and mecca was reclaimed by muslims. 

We left at 1640 and reached by 1700 at the Masjidil Haram’s tunnel. We managed to buy ourselves some local pizza which was actually nice but a but pricy. SR20 for a small beef/chicken pizza. 

We went and changed to our praying attire and left for maghrib and isya. Our day ended after the dinner buffet.