Rising Sun 29032018

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Our third day was dedicated to Disneysea! But as we headed to the train station, we stopped by Ueno park to be mesmerized by the cherry blossoms.

We reached Maihama station at 0915 and opted for the Tokyo Disneyland Railway.

To our dismay, the fastpass for Toy Story Mania is finished. So, plan B was getting Tower of Terror FP and queuing up at Nemo Searider. Then try to get Journey to the centre of the earth 2nd FP and queue for single riders at Indiana Jones and Raging Spirits. Our FP for ToT was at 1715.

We didnt manage a fastpass at journey to the centre of the earth but managed a pass at 20000 league under the sea.

  1. Nemo Searider (2h)
  2. Indiana jones (single rider) (20minute wait)
  3. Raging spirits (single rider) (15 min wait) suddenly we felt like a genius 😂
  4. 20 000 leagues under the sea (fastpass)

One more fast pass to go, we decided to forego journey to the centre of the earth because ots a 3 hr wait, and waited for the 4.30pm parade instead after prayers.

After the show, we went into the Tower of Terror.

then we went shopping.

1600yen gone.

Oh. Previous train tickets 520 yen.

We took the train back to Tokyo heading towards Shibuya where we plan to have dinner.

We spent 4500.00¥ each. 😱. But it was a good meal. Then we went to Shibuya to meet the famous Hachiko as well as looking at the Shibuya Crossing.

and then head home post communication breakdown. Huhu


Rising Sun 28032018

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So far so good. Although Miss summer’s place is a bit stuffy, but it is complete. Towel, body and hair shampoo, hair dryer, fridge… and she even stuffed in a washing machine, stationary exercise bike and vacuum cleaner. 😅

We begin our journey early at 7am after a hearty breakfast of fried noodles. We took the paid train to tokyo station for Y140.00 to activate our JR PASS.

Small incident at tokyo station easily reaolved with Y140.00 and we got our JR PASS. We went from tokyo to maihama worth 220 yen using our pass.

We arrived in Maihama at 0828 and began our journey at disneyland.

The queue was outrageous. The blue mountain ride has 4 hrs waiting time for normal pass and 2hrs for fastpass. We waited for splashmountain for about 2. Not as many rides as i would like. Its not as impressive as HK or Paris. Maybe because ive been to one too many Disneylands.

  1. Pirates of the caribbean
  2. Jungle cruise: wildlife expedition
  3. Enchanted Tiki Room
  4. Splash Mountain

Its not a happy place anymore if we need to wait 3 hours while watching express pass holders cut ur queue endlessly. We need to use fastpass trick for disneysea and definitely buy expresspass tickets for USJ.

And out final ride Buzz lightyear’s astro blasters! Another 2 hours wait, but it was worth it. Then we saw the night parade of lights which were awesome!

We headed home after the parade with sore legs. As we headed to a resto, we stumbled upon a vegetarian resto at tokyo station.

We headed home, strolled around the hotel area… stumbled yet again with two kebab stores (woohoo!).

how much did i spend? 2300 for a souvenir. And 900 yen for dinner. And 140 yen for first train before Jr.

Rising Sun 27032018

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My journey began yesterday from Land of Doves and rested at home in Catcity after 3 hours drive through potholes and rain. Now I’m here, flying to the City of Lights.

I reached KL at 8.45am and caught the train to KLIA2 to meet my significant other. She was on her way back from (i guess her last bachelor trip as well) Beijing. Thats when i met her bff for the first time.

Then i grouped up with the gang. After check in and luggage drop, we went for a meal.

The wait was a bit prolonged and finally we board the plane at 1400 and landed at 2320 local time. The train ticketing machine is using price in yen. Lucky that we know our destination to ueno okachimachi is 660. Good thing that the machine can give change for 10000 yen.

Tokyo Monorail

Then change to Keihintohoku Line in Hamamatsucho to Okachimachi.

We reached Miss Summers place at 0040. Fairly easy to find. Then we walked around the area and found several convenient stores to buy some supplies inclusive of egg and rice.

Rice 95 yen/pax


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Opening Act

  • Stacy
  • Waris
  • Alif Satar

Is it Stacy’s concert? 🤔

1. Syamel- Lebih Sempurna

-cold. He sang without feel.

2. Azmi CB- Sejati

-started off with a pantomime. But i compared too much with Faizal Tahir which is wayyyy better.

3. Hazama- Aku yg Sebenar

-awesome performance but a bit disappointed with his nasal voice.

4. Wany Hasrita- menahan rindu

-another pantomime. Shes not letting all her voice out.

5. Hael Husaini-Jampi

– perfect execution. Definitely top3

6. Salma- akhirnya cinta

– she hit the high notes perfectly. But the song is not so pleasing.

7. Dayang Nurfaizah – separuh mati ku bercinta

– vocal 😍😍😍. But the song is not so powerful

8. Ernie zakry& syamel. Aku cinta

– good start. But the combo is a bit lopsided coz syamel is loud. Ernie is Soprano!!!

9. Altimet – Amboi

– different kind of song. Persembahan terbaik

10. Ara Johari – Warkah Untukmu

– she had voice sore but she went on. Credits should be given.

11. Bayang – Khai Bahar

– vocal imperfect. Some notes were awful.

12. Haqiem Rusli – Tergantung Sepi

– not enough experience in performing. Too bad.

My choice

Best Vocal: Syamel & Ernie

Best Performance: Altimet

Juara Lagu

  1. Aku Cinta: Syamel & Ernie
  2. Jampi: Hael Husaini
  3. Aku Yang Sebenar: Hazama

Real results.

I think i can be a good jury 😅

Monthly duties

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Just a checklist on what I have to do every month in 2018.

  • Thursdays Yaseen
  • Fridays Al-Kahf
  • Paraphrazed
  • PaedStop
  • Doktorbudak.com
  • Book Read

Bring it on!


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Another year has past, hopefully another year wiser. What have i achieved in 2017? 🤔

My Personas

0. Khalif

2017-went for Umrah in January and it was a spiritual journey indeed. However, i am still burdened with sins throughout the year. I asked for my significant other. And Allah granted it. Alhamdulillah. Still cant manage early prayers and thursday nights of Yaseen and Friday mornings of surah Al Kahf.

2018-Hp cleanup. Minimal games. More time for rest so that can perform early prayers. Im still going strong for Thursday nights of Yaseen and Friday mornings of surah Alkahf.

t few days of Yaumul Bidh. Maybe just stick to Mondays and Thursdays this year.

1. Explorer


  • Jan: New year bbq at Yen2, Umrah
  • March: Penang,Phuket,Krabi,
  • April: KL (cardio course)
  • May: KTganu (APLS) Sekeping Serendah
  • July: Melaka (purple Wedding)
  • September: Seoul, Jeju Island
  • November: Batu Gajah Perak (gold wedding)
  • December: Excel Training Centre (Bgame Retreat)


February: KL

March: Japan

July: Maldives

December: Petra

2. Foodie

2017- Halal foodblog Kuching (failure). Didnt cook for a while

2018- Foodblog on fizaliusgo

3. Hobbyist

2017- PoGo and a lot of meetups based on BGG apps.

2018- Paraphrazed: To complete for all my games collections

4. Puzzleteir

We are joining as many hunts as possible in 2017 and won a few.

Sept: Kuching Heritage Hunt JCI (1st place)

Oct: Where are you meow (4th)

2018 will try and maintain momentum.

5. Cinephile – whenever possible. And also blogged on fizaliusgo.

6. Philanthropist

Medical Checkup for asnaf?

7. Kiddoc –

NSR done in 2017

RCA to be passed over

paedstop only 12 so far

8. Gentleman –

78kg 💪🏻💪🏻

A non sedentary activity at least 30 minutes/day (housekeeping, car washing, gardening, lifting, pingpong, gym)

Getting married in July. Need to furnish room in yen2.

Me Monday

Table Tennis Tuesday

Workout Wednesday

Table Tennis Thursday

Fun Friday

Pingpong tournaments and events.

9. Author

blogging PRN, checked. lol.

doktorbudak.com (1 a month)

Reading books (target 1 a month) unachievable in 2016&7

10. Entrepreneur

Wisma Morhan needs a next step perhaps drainage?

Metrocity shophouse OR the other

Powergold website to update.

This year im mostly an explorer and a hobbyist.

Short term goal today?

Call claims. And ward plans. 

Day 8: Back to Basic

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This would be the last entry for our Seoul trip. It is a gloomy day, with drizzles in the horizon. Grumpiness overwhelmed me as i learnt that my travel mates left me behind on our quest for farfetch’d. And me, being competetive as i am, wouldnt want them to have more than me. I organized the trip from A-Z, they have not a single valid reason to leave me behind or at least bring my phone along. 

No valid reason at all!

The only reason that i can think of is that i always get left behind in our previous trips (one that i can think of is Bukit Merah Laketown Resort) and therefore leaving me behind again this time would be ok. B*llocks!

We took the train from Myeongdong amd transit at Seoul Station and went through more than 30 stations to get to the airport. We began the journey at 0625 and realized that incheon station and incheon international airport are two separate entities. 

So, we embarked off the subway and  realized that we were on Dongincheon station. We took a taxi instead. 

Train = 1850

Taxi = 26000

Toll = 5500

Reached airport at 0832 and settled check in and immigration by 0950.