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Terbang Tunduk – by Fynn Jamal

Posted: November 3, 2014 in Music, Review


As i near the new phase in my life, this song served as a reminder for everyone to be a humble person, because no matter how fantastic a person is, no one is greater than the Almighty.

Fynn Jamal wrote the lyrics of this song. This indie singer-songwriter was born in August 27th 1982 as Nur Affina Yanti Jamalludin in Kota Tinggi Johor. Apart from being a lyricist, she also has several publications including Puisi Tepi Jalan and Ranap (which i should get a copy of). A glimpse through her blog, and her currently active , her writing revolve around her family, current affairs and deep provocative thoughts (apart from friendly ads). Her use of words were brilliant and hopefully she remain humble as how this song preached.

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Terbang Tunduk
Fynn Jamal

Bertahanlah, wahai raksa, jangan kau terhenti
Berpautlah, wahai nyawa, ini bukan mimpi
Saksikan dengan mata
Rasakan dengan jiwa
Kau sedang tinggi

Jauhnya kau terbang
Siapa sangka?
Getir yang menghalang tak besar mana

Payah payah semalam
Moga mudah selama

Tiap apa yang mematah tegakmu
Tiap yang menolak
Tiap yang memijak-henyak
Biar di belakangmu

Jangan dikenang
Moga dibuang dendam dan sayu

Jangan kau izin aku lupa
Jangan kau biarkan aku mendepang dada
Pasakkan hatiku pada kaki
Paksakan ku tunduk sehingga mati.


The song is about a person who is at the peak of his achievements after an arduous life journey filled with obstacles. The reminder is at the last verse…

“Dear Almighty,
Do not let me forget, and do not allow me to be arrogant. Anchor my soul to my feet… make me stay humble till the day i die.” 😢



Anugerah Juara Lagu 28 (2014)

Posted: January 26, 2014 in Event, Music, Review



This year, the theme is Game-On which i would expect some cosplay, but unfortunately there were none. The website and opening graphics were excellent! Kudos on that, but the opening act was a disappointment. 12 songs were in the finals :

1. Salam Muzik  : Aku Pelat.

– Started off with a poem (a bit 1990’s in contrast to the futuristic stage), this group filled the stage with musicians ?member of their group? and possibly aiming for best performance. However, this hopefully not a one-hit-wonder group had difficulty in completing the song without being breathless.

2. Black : Takkan Terpisah

– Excellent voice control from Black! Bold move to rearrange this song to a ballad, but it was a risk well taken to beat Hafiz. However, he was one key short at the end… too bad… we’ll see whether Hafiz can do perfectly.

3. Noh Salleh and Aizat Amdan : In love with you

– Knowing the ‘live’ performance capability of these two artists, one person will do really well, and the other not so well… a.k.a sux. Stage presence is not in-sync with the whole theme… Urghh not worth commenting further.

4. Hyperact : Hanya Aku

– At least this another possible one-hit-wonder band was able to do justice to their own song and they are able to follow the competition’s theme. There were no wow factor, but it was well performed. Kudos

5. Stacy – Bosan

– She is a contender for best performance! Zombies as dancers, Stacy never cease to deliver. Although some might say these are something that Stacy have ever done before… but she is definitely following theme.

6. Hafiz – Bahagiamu Deritaku


– Hafiz also rearranged the song to feature his vocals! and it was PERFECT! If he didn’t get best vocals or even best song, the judges are deaf! WELL DONE HAFIZ!

7. Hazama & The Penglipurlara – Penglipurlara

– Another contender for best vocals, but he didn’t take the risk to rearrange the song. And tonight, his vocals were a bit shaky. Definitely lose to Black and especially to Hafiz. But he is sticking to the show’s theme. Great effort performance-wise.

8. Jaclyn Victor : Ikut Rentakku

– Vocal-wise, theres no doubt on Jac’s capability. However, the song did not feature her best. 5 divas were backup singers, Salamiah Hassan, Dina, Adibah Noor, some other unknown singer, and Atilia, it’s like Moulin Rouge. kichi kichi yaya mocha chocolata…

9. Najwa Latif – Sahabat

– i was suspecting Sleeq to spoil the vocal performance of this song, whilst najwa and syamil do the song justice. But i was wrong. Sleeq practiced a lot and performed quite well. It was an entertaining performance, but a bit too laid back and safe.

10. Azlan & the typewriter – Tanda Tanya

– Another vocal bomb! He is in a different class of perfect vocals, high pitched, rock and roll voice. Really depends on jury’s preference. Not surprised if this song won vocals or best song.

11. Alyah : Kau Yang Terindah

– Theme : Gladiator? Voice control : to the ocean… as usual. She should practice live performance more often. The song, if given to another artist, would possibly win…

12. Awie rafael & Ultimet : Kalau Aku Kaya

– Very articulate…perfect performance. They are following the show’s theme and they ended the night with a confetti of fake money.

The closing performances are brilliant! but the broadcast defect drowned the vocals in music.

My guess would be, best performance to Stacy, Best vocals to Hafiz, 3rd to Black, 2nd to Azlan and first place to Hafiz.


– Most downloaded ringtones : Hafiz Bahagiamu Deritaku

– Best performance : Hafiz!

– Best Vocals : Jaclyn Victor!

– Third place : Awie Rafael & Ultimet : Kalau Aku Kaya

– Second place : Hyperact  : Hanya Aku

– First place : Hafiz : Bahagiamu Deritaku

Overall, I’m contented… GO HAFIZ! ;)woohoo



Last night, 21st September 2013, I witnessed Siti Nurhaliza’s concert in Istana Budaya. It’s another cultured event this month that i attended. Although this time, not sitting near the annoying Damansara girls, the general crowd was quite wild with high-pitched cry of Siti’s name, boys and girls alike. There goes my cultured night again…

Siti being Siti performed superbly more than 20 numbers with 2 intermissions (to change clothes). A bit flawed in 2 or 3 songs where she suddenly stopped (and presumably hoped the backup singer to “back her up”) but they were awkward lyric-less moments. Otherwise, these are my comments in certain areas. (for the record, I’m not a diehard fan of hers, just savouring the supposedly cultured night)

Voice : No question asked of her abilities. however, at certain moments her voice was drowned by the music.

Stage presence : she’s a performer. Well versed (I also realized there are dialogues cue to aid her). Great use of stage. Partly because more than half of the time it is always full with dancers.

Intermission : Siti featured the Orkestra Tradisional Malaysia electric guitar and gambus play-off and they were awesome! The second intermission was Pak Ngah wit his mmm… button accordion? hehe. cant remember whats the musical instrument’s name.

Wardrobe : The second blue dress was beautiful. The red dress was so so but the green dress was an eye-sore

Music: A myriad of musical instruments, also introduced by Siti in the midst of the concert encompassing Malay, Chinese, Indian and even Iban traditional items

Back-up singers : Excellent job

Overall, the concert was a blast with a few glitches here and there. Siti should work more on the ending performance. WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR PEOPLE tO END WITH A BOOM??!! Favourite scenes were of the 4 maidens who strutted their assets vigorously and hilariously. And we were also entertained by the 74 year-old Dato M. Daud Kilau whose voice is still amazingly good!

FeneStarz 4 of 5 – no element of surprise…mmm




Yunalis Mat Zara’ai, or commercially known as Yuna, was born on 14th November 1986 in Alor Setar Kedah. Although a Bachelor in Legal Studies (from UiTM), she is also a singer-songwriter, starting her creative writing since the age of 14 and started performing 5 years later. The song that probably made her way into the mainstream music from the underground-indie industry in Malaysia is ‘Dan Sebenarnya’ which won 1st runner-up in AJL24 in 2009.

I went to her concert with National Symphony Orchestra at Istana Budaya on the 6th September 2013, only managed to by-heart 1 full song and few choruses prior. She presented amazingly 21 songs with only one intermission in between. Out of the 21, only 6-7 songs were in Malay (few numbers that i can remember are, Dan Sebenarnya, Gadis semasa, Gelora Jiwa, Penakut, Lelaki, Terukir di Bintang,) cant remember clearly whether she sung Cinta Sempurna ;)). The rest were English songs, and i should say that they’re good songs!

Comments :

Voice : Overall superb; however at some low notes she’s swallowing her voice and mumbled.

Stage presence : need to communicate more with the audience. usage of stage was not optimized.

Intermission : Yuna featured ‘No-noise-percussion’ a percussion band using barrels and cookeries. They were entertaining but took a tad bit  too long and stretching some patience. we paid to see Yuna.

Wardrobe : Hatta Dolmat maximized her long, slender figure, however the second dress looks too much like a Paddle pop ice cream. (not in a nice way)

Music and backup singers : Job well done!

I sat that night in front of 3 ‘Damansara girls’ who yelled’ I love you Yuna!’, ‘I miss you!’, ‘Im crying here!!’ ‘Same!!’ ‘Oh ma gad!’ while impressively able to sing along most of Yuna’s English songs. I just wished i had the guts to turn around and say…

‘Yo girls, this is a CULTURED event! We’re here to enjoy Yuna’s performance…NOT YOURS!’ but then again, i wouldn’t be CULTURED either, would i…?

But to Yuna, KUDOS. You’re an inspiration. You made Malaysia proud. May you go further in your career and whatever you do 🙂

American idol 11 finale

Posted: May 23, 2012 in Current, Event, Music, Review


I missed the top 3 and read the news of the end of Ledets AI journey. Mmm that’s a big loss to AI.
I think this will be the weakest final ever in the history of AI.

Round 1
Jessica kicked off with Whitney’s number, I have nothing. She could’ve nailed the song effortlessly, but she didn’t. It was weak, too much vibrato, and worst of all pitchy! versus Phil phillips stand by me whose pitchiness IS his originality…round 1 goes to Phil.

Round 2
the prayer was Jessica’s favorite performance for the season. Something is wrong with her pitching tonight. it’s not as mesmerizing as she could do it… Phil phillips sang moving out by Phil Collins. He’s just doing his thang… As I’ve said before he’s not idol material. But he won round two again…

Round 3
Change nothing is the original song for this year. Jessica nailed the song although it wasn’t as good as a finale song should be…Phil phillips, make this place your home.

I am going to regret saying this….Phil phillips will be the Idol season 11

Top 4 (11)

Posted: May 10, 2012 in Current, Music, Review


After skylar was sent home last week, the only 2 worth watching now are Joshua and Jessica.
Both gave a phenomenal performance. I think this time it’s Jessica’s moment as it really gave me goosies. Although I can’t help comparing her to Jennifer Hudson singing that song,but she was excellent nonetheless. Superb performance.

I sure hope none of the two get eliminated.

Top 5 AI(11)

Posted: May 3, 2012 in Current, Music, Review


As predicted, Elise was the one voted off last week. And this week, the top 5 will sing numbers fom the 60s and Brit Pop.

Hollie – she’s in big trouble with the song river deep mountain high. The judges seem to love it though (which I don’t understand why)…For me it’s too plain… Like reading a text book…. No climax, or anticlimax for that matter…Bleeding love, her second performance was another redeemer for her.

Phil phillips – m.o.n.o.t.o.n.o.u.s. second song was nothing exciting but slightly different than what he used to do…no dire pain. But again, nothing exciting

Skylar – she went for an energetic song with a touch of her country twang. She’s a born entertainer. Superb. Her slow number was also brilliantly sang.

Joshua and Phil an unlikely duet, sang great together….surprisingly. The trio performance by skylar, Hollie and Jessica was so so….

Jessica – also a fast number, somehow she couldn’t pull a fad number as good as skylar. Jessica should stick to slow ballads which she sing so great!!!

Joshua – strong performance. As always. He’s unbelievably talented. For both rounds!! His 14th standing ov.

Strongest contender, Joshua skylar and Jessica

Hollie and Phil’s in trouble.

my bets on Phil.