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Diagnosis 2

Posted: May 20, 2015 in Review


After the first book DIAgnosis, i couldnt wait for the sequel. I practically scouted MPH Spring on fortnightly basis and finally, it arrived in April 2015 to Kuching.

It was worth the wait.

An excellent easy to read big fonts, this book portrayed life in the medical career as a person. It incited a rainbow of emotions; anger, affection, melancholy and delight. As inspiring as the first book, DIAgnosis2 has added colours and flavours because the addition to the authors have different creative  writing approaches.

Kudos to the DIAgnosis2 team!




Posted: January 19, 2015 in Current, Event, Review


This year’s Anugerah Juara Lagu (Best Song Award) started off with solo performances by musicians, playing electric guitar and keyboard, followed by M.Nasir’s medley. 12 songs performed…

1. Hazama – Malaikat
– he sounded breathless… 😷. Was expecting more from Hazama.

2. Indah – Percayalah
– also very shaky performance. She started offkey and during the climax of the song, again she went offkey… Gosh.

3. Alyah – Sesal separuh nyawa
– started quite well but the second half of the song which should be a killer factor, killed her performance instead. She cant do as well as she did during Kisah Hati. 😔 also expected more from Alyah.

4. Waris & Hattan – gadis jolobu
– a radio-perfect performance. i dont really prefer that song as the winner but unfortunately its the best so far amongst the first four.

5. Mojo – Romancinta
– wow! Excellent performance by the replacement singer of Mojo! Blind group of buskers! Excellent job Caliph Buskers! Best performance so far. 👏👏👏

6. Amy & Bunkface – Rentak Laguku
– err… Bunkface looked like a drag queen. And their live vocal quality is as expected (which wasnt high to start with). Just not my cup of tea.

7. Joe flizzow and sonarOne – apa khabar
– weak start by sonar one and joe flizzow also seem to have breathing problem as well. 😳.

A side performance by Proteges from Mentor Legend was superb! They sang Sheila Majid’s number Ku Mohon.

8. Stacy – Gilalah
– nothing extraordinary from Stacy. An OK performance…

9. Dayang Nurfaizah- di pintu syurga
– WOW! Best vocal so far. i hope she surpassed Hafiz! Perfect vocals and she even paused the music to highlight her voice.
10. Hafiz – Matahari
– hafiz definitely did his best but i think this song didnt showcase his true potential. I think Dayang has a chance for best vocals.

11. Najwa – lelaki (by Yuna)
– great performance by the deputy prime minister’s daughter. Very professional. No flaw in her voice! 😳

12. Shila Hamzah – Masih Aku Cinta
– almost perfect performance except for the last bit of the song. Her high notes were alightly shaky. But overall good performance.

My choice were;

Best Vocals : Dayang Nurfaizah
Best Performance : Mojo
1. Di Pintu syurga
2. Matahari
3. Lelaki

And the winners were;

Best vocals : Dayang Nurfaizah
Best performance : Mojo
3. Di pintu Syurga
2. Masih Aku Cinta
1. Apa khabar

Pity Hafiz who didnt win anything this year. But you are still a great artist bro ✌️. The song wasnt strong enough.

Not really happy with the Juara lagu. Its the same feeling that i have when Nurul and Ajai won with their song Keliru. 😩

Into The Woods

Posted: January 17, 2015 in Movies, Review


(Spoiler Alert!)

It is a mesh-up of Brother Grimm fairy tales reintrepreted with a twist and incorporated catchy melodies. Reviews from people who have seen the musical, this movie in comparison seem to be apalling. But for a first-time viewer, this movie is a fun watch, until the supposedly twist.

“Into the woods” depicted a baker and his wife who longed for an offspring, and their only hope was to gather a witch’s beauty concoction :

1. A cow as white as milk (from Jack)
2. A cape as red as blood (from Little Red Ridinghood who is also a glutton)
3. A hair as yellow as corn (from Rapunzel)
4. A slipper as pure as gold (from Cinderella who can call upon birds; im confused with this ability with snow white 🙈)

It was interesting when the story started off with 4 different stories which merged in the woods and i thought the plot was alright if it ended happily ever after (before the “earthquake”) but it dragged on with the wrath of a she-giant and an abrupt end of the witch. Parts of the movie also sent out negative messages of paedophilic vibes (from Johnny Depp’s Big Bad Wolf), adultery, stealing and finger pointing of faults.

In summary, act I is a fun watch, act 2 is somewhat a disaster. Kind of a waste of star quality casts.

2 of 5 FeneStarz


Paddington (The movie)

Posted: December 14, 2014 in Movies, Review


Unlike Brits, who love Paddington bear like Disney-lovers adore Pooh, I for one, only know Paddington bear, as a stuffed teddy sold in Harrods. Little do i know that there exist a whole array of other merchandises and these originated way back in 1958!

(Spoiler alert)

With a signature red hat, blue coat and an insensible craving for marmalade, a young vocalizing bear traveled to London from Darkest Peru, after his home was destroyed by an earthquake. With all logics ignored, (i.e people are not even fascinated by a talking bear… Like it’s an everyday occurence 😳) the Brown family stumbled upon him at Paddington railway station, (which is what he is named after), and brought him home.

Paddington’s adventure began as he tried to adapt to the city life while finding an explorer called Montgomery Clyde, which his aunt and uncle once knew, as well as running away from a taxidermist played by the ever-so-talented Nicole Kidman.

It is a light family comedy movie, which probably says it all. It has a simple plot hence light. Paddington is easily amicable and will definitely be adored by children and adults. A number of scenes were hillarious! 😂

Among the best ones were the orphanage depiction as a horror place, the fact that one of the Brown family can speak bear, and the tea party scene with the Buckingham Palace Guard.

Overall, it is a fun light watch, best to end a hectic day…

FeneStarz 3 of 5

Stand Up for Education

Posted: December 10, 2014 in Event, Review


A lot of things happened lately, and I have been writing most things in prolonged retrospect. This one happened on 05122014, my first time watching a stand up comedy at Bangunan Peladang, Petaling Jaya, which i went with my beloved sis.

Why is it called Stand-up for education? Because it is a charity stand-up comedy show to raise funds for scholarship by a non government association. (Kind of self explanatory actually) 😊

First and foremost, the venue sux! Google map and Waze failed to show the correct location which rendered us driving all around for almost an hour after asking the direction from a Hindu Priest, a jaywalker, and a hospital receptionist 😅. When we finally arrived, parking was a problem, and we broke the law by parking on the pavement.

We arrived at 8.45pm. But since many people had problems finding the place, the show which was scheduled at 8.30, started at 9 plus. The show overall was good except for the first one which took half of the screentime (too long…) Kevin Jay and Douglas Lim were the most hilarious amongst 5 acts! Many political and racist jokes were incited but all in the name of entertainment. They were quite bold doing that since many Malaysians had been caught via sedition act 😒.

Nonetheless, the show was for charity, and hope that stand-up comedy can fluorish and survive amidst the narrowmindedness of most of our countrymen. Good luck! ✌️😅👍

Unpublished Movie Reviews

Posted: December 5, 2014 in Cinephile, Movies, Review


A wise person once said, “No time is just an excuse. In doing what you are really passionate about, one must make time instead.”

I have tried doing most things faster (including eat), cut down on my cyber-game time, and minimize social media hours to make time for my studies. And now that i dont have to study anymore… I can catch up with other things in life! Hoorah! 🎊🎉🎋🎁. That’s what you think… 😒 24 hours never seem to be enough for everything but knowing that, one should still utilise it to the fullest.

There were a few movies that i have watched for the past month. Three simple words to describe them (to catch up on my reviews 😅) :

Penguins of Madagascar : Amiable, Witty, Hilarious. FeneStarz 4 of 5

Horns : Fallen Angel, Really??! 😳 (FeneStarz 1.5)

The Hunger Games : Mockingjay Part 1 (Prefer 2nd Episode). FeneStarz 3 of 5

IMG_5605.PNGBig Hero 6 : Baymax is super-adorable! 😍😍😍FeneStarz 4 of 5

Magnum Cafe

Posted: December 3, 2014 in Foodie, Review, Travel


Magnum Cafe has landed in Kuala Lumpur since November 14th 2014 and I was eyeing for it ever since! If one knows the richness of the Magnum ice cream, that person can only imagine what a whole Cafe could offer! 😍 (there goes our diet…)

As one of my to-do list in KL, i went there at tea time yesterday with two of my colleagues and saw the queue was out of this world! (I blame the school hols) It is situated in Mid Valley Mega Mall, 3rd floor beside GSC Cinema. As we queued and asked the waitress, lo and behold, it is a two storey shop. The first floor is mainly ice creams with toppings for takeaway or having it in the side bar, whilst the second floor is for dine-in alongside some hot cuisine (eg soup, pasta, salad etc).

The queue on the second floor was much shorter (i blame the customers’ ignorance 😁). In less than 2 minutes, we were seated and ordered…


I even met a group of my staff there 😊


The food was excellent but you’ll definitely experience the sugar rush. I dont think its wise to order a dish for each person, but instead the group should order 1 dish and share to prevent sugar and chocolate overload. For choc lovers… This is definitely a place to go!