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Posted: January 25, 2015 in Fine Dining, Fun facts, Kuching, Lifestyle


The atmosfera cafe that i used to know in Kuching was a two storey establishment which offers Asian and Western cuisine on the ground floor, and a coffeehouse on the first floor. But years has past and it was taken over by an Indian cuisine restaurant, like the mamak shops that is abundant in KL.


And… It has a second branch! 😅
I guess its another option other than Bombay Masala 👍


I Eat Nasi Lemak 2014

Posted: November 2, 2014 in Event, Fine Dining, Lifestyle


What better to start the day with than to have a hearty breakfast of the Malaysian favourite dish (but enemies of the coronaries) nasi lemak. It is the fourth year of this event by friedchillies and 2014 brought together 20 nasi lemak vendors out of more than 70 stalls listed. This include several from penang, alor setar and port dickson.


We bought rm10 worth of coupons each (which we found later was inadequate for big eaters like moi 🙈). The coupons were in denominations of rm2 and each basic rice, sambal, cucumber and peanuts cost rm2 and any extra dish cost rm2 each.

We tasted a few of the stalls and based on the queue as well with the thought of the longer the queue, the better the product. Mmm not always true. The longest queue was at Nasi Lemak Ali Penang. The basic rice was almost the same in every stall except the organic nasi lemak from Greenlicious. Those who wrap it in banana leaves will have a more fragrant rice. Simple.

But from the few that we tasted, there were few outstanding ones.

Fried chicken : Village Park
Paru sambal : NL Suri
Sambal sotong : Tanglin

We ended up spending rm20 each. But we get to taste the above and FAM nasi lemak kangkung, bk4, famous, ali, greenlicious, mesra PD, and NL bus stand. Thats 10 variants! 🙈😅


I think next event should include Nasi Lemak Tawaf from Sri Petaling! Surely will taste better than some of the stalls above.


01112014 was a fun outing with the Delhi Gang. Its the same group of youngsters (relatively) on board our last trip to India during Raya Haji of 2012. How time flies, we have known each other for two full years!

1pm : Marche, the Curve
It was my first time dining here. I met Amy and Sherry here. Marche means market in French but this franchise has the headquarters in Switzerland. It incorporates the concept of cooking your meal in front of your eyes with ingredients fresh from the Marketplace (sort of…). I had a seafood platter and ambra assam boy. The ingredients were fresh especially the grilled squid. It reminded me of our squid jigging treasures that we barbecued. The must have here is the sauteed mushroom. Delish!!!



3.15pm Escape Room : Slaughter House

Jon and Nana came later and we went for my 4th of 6 escape room in e-Curve. And we won! Just in the nick of time. Amy was good with numbers! Should bring her again for the next room.


Jon and nana were hungry and therefore we had lasagna in Sam’s Deli. Another conceptual store under the franchise of Sams Groceria which has its first outlet in Gurney Paragon Mall Penang. A bit like Marche, their motto is Life Made Fresher, but the meals were readymade and not cooked there and then. They had lasagna that was just so-so and oreo cheesecake that tasted like gelatin 😖. Fresh gelatin perhaps? 🙈

5.45pm Laser Warzone
One of my bucket list was to play a laser tag game. Few years back, i almost did it in sunway pyramid with bobo and shikin but unfortunately the place was closed at the time. Luckily my Delhi Gang wanted to experience this with me and we played two games!

The area was quite big and can accomodate up to 30 people at one time. Each battle lasted 10 minutes but it felt long because you need to move around the area looking for enemies. Basically u just need to shoot the mark on the enemy’s vest with a laser gun and if u were shot, ure paralyzed (unable to shoot) for 5 seconds and then ull be back alive and kickin’. It was fun while it lasted. Will i play it again? 10 years ago, maybe i would! 😁

After our prayers and a visit to the Royale Hotel ice rink nearby (one of bucket list as well, ice skating) we went for dinner… Initially landed at thursdvys and quar/tet in ttdi but finally we decided to go to picknick in publika. (Thursdvys kitchen were closed and quar/tet only serve sandwiches alike). I had the short rib in PickNik and it was excellent! The sauce were good and there was not a hint of it being poured from a bottle. (After a chat with the chef himself, yup, he prepared his own sauce). The meat was succulent and the sides were fresh tomatoes and vege with an excellent mashed potato. Two thumbs and two toes up! So far, this was my second visit here and the food was never disappointing.


And the day ended. It was an excellent activity-filled day of catching up with our lives. Excellent bunch of people. Hope to cross path again with these sort of characters in the future 👍👍.

Dining In The Dark

Posted: October 31, 2014 in Fine Dining, Foodie, Review


Another bucket list strucked off after last night’s Dining in the Dark in Changkat Bukit Bintang. I have just received an email from the crew.

We thank you for being open minded and fun person for this conceptual dining experience and completed your journey as one of the few Darkdiners in the WORLD!!!.


It was a friendly atmosphere as we stepped into the premise. Few ice breaking games were introduced including guess the welcoming juice, paperclip in the rice stack and blindfold puzzle which made us feel right at home. We chose our drinks and stated individual food allergy and preference. We were all set!

We were then introduced to our guide, and we were informed that he is visually impaired due to a motor vehicle accident. In fact, all the waiters of the diner are legally blonde eh… Blind.

We were human-trained into the pitch black room and were ushered to our seats. And then, our gastronomic journey began.

The guide brought us through Appetizers (x4), soup (x2), main course (x3) and desserts (x5) giving instructions along the way. We got the feeling of how blind people would eat. Our sense of smell and taste were heightened.

The food were so so but the experience was worth the rm120 per pax. For the whole night, there was no phone interference and it was a quality time well spent with my friends. Epic moments were when we found out that one of out friends didnt know the meaning of coaster and serviette when the guide explained the table layout. Guessing the food (tauhu masak halia, agar2 nutmeg and all sorts) was Fun!!!

Finally after we went back to the light, we were shown the menu and presentation of our dish. We only got one third correct. Even the dessert we guessed as mango sorbet turned out to be lychee pineapple icecream! 😖

This place is highly recommended for the brave and adventurous. Bon apetit! 😉



Dubu Dubu serves Korean food, dubbed as S(e)oil food. Before my encounter with this restaurant, i thought Korean cuisines were bland and tasteless (partly because i tried it in Food Republic Pavillion…:P). This outlet was featured by Saffiya TV9 as Halal, although it was yet to be listed in Jakim Website.

My first attempt to try its Kimchi was because of a buy one free one voucher from Watson and I’m grateful for it. Its DELISH! Full of flavours and felt healthy because of its non-greasy meal. Ginger tea is my favourite drink there. The same drink i came for on my second visit, and i think for visits to come.

And lo and behold, theres a Facebook contest that i can join. Might as well do it all before i leave KL by end of the year!


Pappa Curry Laksa Special

Posted: November 22, 2011 in Fine Dining, Review




Almost each time I visit Pappa Rich, I’d go berserk on choosing the meal of my choice. Shall I take the pappa curry laksa special? Or shall I try something new? Almost invariably, I’d choose my dose of curry Laksa. Only one or two occasions put aside, this curry Laksa never failed to satisfy my lust for food.

It is yellow noodle soaked in curry and coconut milk gravy, adorned with foo choks, tofu and chicken, splashed with zesty lime and sambal. The thick gravy, which might not be salty enough for some, is perfect after adding the complimentary sambal. Warning : do not be surprised if you’re slurping the gravy till dry.

4 of 5

Swedish Meatballs

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Fine Dining, Review


Swedish meatballs are a must have when shopping in IKEA. It consist of well seasoned, juicy meatballs served with buttery gravy, cranberry jam and fries. The combination is so perfect that licking the plate clean is very tempting to do if it was an acceptable practice in public. :))


It’s currently priced at rm10 for 10 pieces and rm14 for 15…
5 of 5 stars.