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Hunting Weekend

Posted: February 16, 2015 in Event, Foodie, Gamer, Globetrotter

Onlookers, I would say that last weekend (7-8 feb) is one of the most fruitful ones I’ve had as it fulfilled most of my alter egoes. The puzzleteir, the hobbyist, the kiddoc, the explorer, and the foodie. (5 of 10! Not bad!) I travelled to KL for the weekend with return tickets worth RM199.00 with the aim to bring back a portion of my belongings back to kuching. I reached KLIA at midnight and reached my Kl abode around 1 am. It was nice to see my best bud again. He was stressed out at work and i think really needed this break. I packed up some things that i need to bring back to Kuching (including two new game boxes).

IMG_8829 The next day, we finished first in THS KL leg 2 treasure hunt in Bangsar.

IMG_8859 We had lunch at marmalade BV and rushed to Kamal Medical Bookstore, to buy some books. We then headed to my eldest sis place after picking up my second sister who arrived from Penang.

IMG_8984 Two rounds of Blood Bowl later, we headed home to rest.

IMG_8871Woke up early to start our journey from KL to Ipoh for the second hunt. It took 2.5 hours to reach there with ample time for breakfast and subuh pitstop. We were 3rd in the Ipoh hunt, beaten by 2 penangite teams.

IMG_8886 We drove from ipoh to KLIA and had burger King there. My flight was at 10.20pm and I had ample time to eat my favourite chocolate banana cake from Secret Recipe. 😁👍

IMG_8889I reached home at midnight only to prepare for supervisory visit to Sri Aman and Betong the next day…👍👍 I just love it if i had the chance to fully utilize my time 😍😍✌️


Boardgaming in Kuching

Posted: January 25, 2015 in Gamer, Kuching, Lifestyle


As a boardgamer, i thought my activities would be limited when i am relocated to Kuching, until last night. We found a shop called Tic Tac Toe, opposite The Spring shopping mall behind RHB bank!

It catered boardgaming activities as well as serve beverages and food. Ricky, the owner, is a Kuching boy who once reside in Singapore and started his boardgaming activities from then. He opened his shop slightly more than half a year ago around May 2014

As usual, my intro game for new gamers was The Settlers of Catan cause

1. I know the rules by heart
2. It is easy to follow
3. It has mild element of competetiveness as well as luck.


Im glad that my two best friends from school days found the game interesting and opted for second round of Catan! 😁👍


Posted: January 19, 2015 in Current, Event, Review


This year’s Anugerah Juara Lagu (Best Song Award) started off with solo performances by musicians, playing electric guitar and keyboard, followed by M.Nasir’s medley. 12 songs performed…

1. Hazama – Malaikat
– he sounded breathless… 😷. Was expecting more from Hazama.

2. Indah – Percayalah
– also very shaky performance. She started offkey and during the climax of the song, again she went offkey… Gosh.

3. Alyah – Sesal separuh nyawa
– started quite well but the second half of the song which should be a killer factor, killed her performance instead. She cant do as well as she did during Kisah Hati. 😔 also expected more from Alyah.

4. Waris & Hattan – gadis jolobu
– a radio-perfect performance. i dont really prefer that song as the winner but unfortunately its the best so far amongst the first four.

5. Mojo – Romancinta
– wow! Excellent performance by the replacement singer of Mojo! Blind group of buskers! Excellent job Caliph Buskers! Best performance so far. 👏👏👏

6. Amy & Bunkface – Rentak Laguku
– err… Bunkface looked like a drag queen. And their live vocal quality is as expected (which wasnt high to start with). Just not my cup of tea.

7. Joe flizzow and sonarOne – apa khabar
– weak start by sonar one and joe flizzow also seem to have breathing problem as well. 😳.

A side performance by Proteges from Mentor Legend was superb! They sang Sheila Majid’s number Ku Mohon.

8. Stacy – Gilalah
– nothing extraordinary from Stacy. An OK performance…

9. Dayang Nurfaizah- di pintu syurga
– WOW! Best vocal so far. i hope she surpassed Hafiz! Perfect vocals and she even paused the music to highlight her voice.
10. Hafiz – Matahari
– hafiz definitely did his best but i think this song didnt showcase his true potential. I think Dayang has a chance for best vocals.

11. Najwa – lelaki (by Yuna)
– great performance by the deputy prime minister’s daughter. Very professional. No flaw in her voice! 😳

12. Shila Hamzah – Masih Aku Cinta
– almost perfect performance except for the last bit of the song. Her high notes were alightly shaky. But overall good performance.

My choice were;

Best Vocals : Dayang Nurfaizah
Best Performance : Mojo
1. Di Pintu syurga
2. Matahari
3. Lelaki

And the winners were;

Best vocals : Dayang Nurfaizah
Best performance : Mojo
3. Di pintu Syurga
2. Masih Aku Cinta
1. Apa khabar

Pity Hafiz who didnt win anything this year. But you are still a great artist bro ✌️. The song wasnt strong enough.

Not really happy with the Juara lagu. Its the same feeling that i have when Nurul and Ajai won with their song Keliru. 😩

BGC Boardgame Retreat 2014

Posted: December 13, 2014 in Event, Gamer, Lifestyle


For several years, Boardgame had organized a get-together amongst avid gamers all over Malaysia to try new games including new releases from the latest October Essen Spiel. And this year, it was held on 6th to 7th December 2014 in Hotel Seri Malaysia Port Dickson. (I guess the venue didnt matter so much coz what participants want to do were just to mingle and play boardgames day and night! Only a few went out to explore the area).

Day 1 (06122014)
Rahman and I went from Cheras at 0715, anticipating 1.5 hr drive to PD (latecomers; above 0900 will be forced to do a lapdance! 😅). However, with the new CRV, we managed to reach Seremban 0800 and decided to stopover and meet our former housemate for breakfast.

After breakie, we managed to reach the designated area before 0900. While waiting for other gamers, I was introduced to Office 21. It is a blackjack game with a twist, involving characters and non-integers. We were then divided into 7 tables of four and Game 0 started to randomly assign players to their starting table (👍 great concept!). I played a total of 5 games on Day 1.

Game 0: Boom Runaway
Its a party game, involving freeing peace-loving bombs from the military by collectively scoring numbers below the security warning requirement.

Game 1: Belle of the Ball
Belle is inviting people to parties, and those who can match most symbols carried by the guests (like in candy crush saga) will score more points.

Game 2: Deus
This is an area control and resource management game, whereby movements are determined by the cards in your hand. The Best game for the Day! 👍👍

Game 3: Dice Brewing
Throw multi colored dice and score points as long as it matches the brewing cards in the centre. Simple? No! It was the most complicated game of the day! 😖. Slightly too many things to consider and keep track

Game 4: Helios
Would beat deus as best game of the day if the board was as colourful as Deus. It is also a resource management game, whereby the sun (helios) revolves around your land and grant points/resources.

Did the day end after the 5th game? No! It signified the commencent of the after 8 session, which is free and easy gaming. 5 games were played
1. Kremlin : a political influence game which no one really knows the rule and we abandoned the game after few rounds

2. Colours of Kasane: a pattern collecting game to make the most beautiful kimono by scoring designated points.

3. Gaia
Shares the DNA with carcassone, but your tile placement is determined by cards at hand.

4. Pandemic: the cure
Pandemic without the square board and lots of dice. This is in my must-have game list but is currently out of stock.

5. Terra Mystica
An area control game woth lots of mechs but with three experienced players with me, i was guided thru the game. It was fun but took us 3 hours to complete!

The game ended at 2 am! But it was worth it. 😅

Day 2
All geared up for another 3 games of the day, i was introduced to several more games whilst waiting.
1. Circus
My thought of this game was a remake of Happy Family. (👎👎👎👎👎)

2. Evolution
An evolution game much simpler than dominant species which is also in my have-to-purchase-list.

3. Koba Yakawa
Very simple 15 card deck which is easy and fun to play. Samurais have their own number, one card revealed as a sidekick to the weakest samurai. Players have an option of changing the value of the sidekick randomly, or changing their hand. When all 15 cards drawn, samurai decide to fight or not and largest number wins. Simple.

Now on to the scheduled games.

Game 6: Diamonds
Like the playing card game of Hearts but with a twist. Players are given vaults. Highest diamond bidder gets to keep a diamond in the vault, hearts keep diamonds outside the vault, spades keep diamonds outside the vault inside and clubs steals other players diamonds outside the vault. Simple party game (that u may be able to construct urself)

Game 7: Historia
Cool civilization game involving military and tech building. We get to buy wonders! Its in my nice to have list 😁

Game 8: King’s Pouch
Military, Economy, or Production? Balance it up or focus on one to gain VP. Beware of corrupted citizens!

We ended the day at 5 pm. Overall it was a fun retreat and i get to play a whole lot of new games! Participants were awesome! And kudos to the organizers and players who are keen to explain the game.

Looking forward to next year’s retreat! 😊👍

Stand Up for Education

Posted: December 10, 2014 in Event, Review


A lot of things happened lately, and I have been writing most things in prolonged retrospect. This one happened on 05122014, my first time watching a stand up comedy at Bangunan Peladang, Petaling Jaya, which i went with my beloved sis.

Why is it called Stand-up for education? Because it is a charity stand-up comedy show to raise funds for scholarship by a non government association. (Kind of self explanatory actually) 😊

First and foremost, the venue sux! Google map and Waze failed to show the correct location which rendered us driving all around for almost an hour after asking the direction from a Hindu Priest, a jaywalker, and a hospital receptionist 😅. When we finally arrived, parking was a problem, and we broke the law by parking on the pavement.

We arrived at 8.45pm. But since many people had problems finding the place, the show which was scheduled at 8.30, started at 9 plus. The show overall was good except for the first one which took half of the screentime (too long…) Kevin Jay and Douglas Lim were the most hilarious amongst 5 acts! Many political and racist jokes were incited but all in the name of entertainment. They were quite bold doing that since many Malaysians had been caught via sedition act 😒.

Nonetheless, the show was for charity, and hope that stand-up comedy can fluorish and survive amidst the narrowmindedness of most of our countrymen. Good luck! ✌️😅👍

Metamorphosis (part 2)

Posted: December 4, 2014 in Gamer, Professional


One caterpillar job done. Planned to complete another today. I managed to start my day early to catch the Head of Department to sign my project book, handed two copies for the department, one copy for my supervisor, rushed to Putrajaya and handed another copy for claim purposes.

(Pic: a shoutout to the 4.5years of memories in PPUKM)

I had lunch at BP near my home, prepared a passport sized picture to hand in on December 9th and went home to do my laundry. And after maghrib, i went to Meeples Damansara to join a game night with friends. We had an excellent introduction to Ticket to Ride, 7 Wonders and Citadel.

IMG_6178.PNG(the editing skills were awesome!)

IMG_6195.JPG(we played till 1am+!)

If this is an everyday happening in a coccoon life… I do not want to hurry up my transitioning… 🙈

Ipoh weekend getaway

Posted: November 12, 2014 in Event, Travel


Last weekend was another adventure for me. KL-Ipoh-KL within 24 hours 😊! This whole month i managed to weasel my way not having to work overtime during weekends (but still need to do morning reviews 😋), And with my parents and sister driving down from Penang to Ipoh, i decided to embark on this journey.

I started my day early (Saturday 08112014) at 6.45 am to catch the Electric Train Service scheduled at 9. Although i was tempted to buy the ticket online beforehand, i decided to go impromptu in case i had to stayback longer at my workplace. I was right! Unfortunately. There was a new case overnight, which wasnt a straight forward one and i need to have a thorough review. With that aside, and passing over cases in the intensive care, i finished my work at 8.30 am.

I drove to Bandar Tasik Selatan and parked my car at the Park and Ride multistorey building there. (RM3 per day). I rushed to the ERL and caught the train to KL central via touch and go. (All the train system in the city now can use touch&go card. Even the Komuter! 😊).


I reached KL central at 0930. So, i went to the ETS counter on the second floor of KL central to buy the next ETS at 11am. It was FULL! 😳 i didnt expect a whole train to Ipoh would be full! The next train would be at 1 pm and if i took that, id reach ipoh at 3.20pm. So i bought the ipoh -kl ticket for the next day 0500. It cost RM 35 (which i learnt later could have been RM25 if i showed my student card.)

I went for Plan B, to take a bus to Ipoh, and all buses to the north from KL would depart from Pudu central. I took the LRT, exchanged to Sri Petaling line at Masjid Jamek and went to Pudu LRT station, only to learn that Pudu bus station is near Plaza Rakyat LRT and not Pudu LRT! Who would have guessed??!

I reached Pudu Central (bus station) at 10.15 am and bought the next bus ride (RM20) scheduled at 10.30am (which departed at 11am) and the 3hour ride reached Ipoh at 2pm (with one pitstop). The station in Ipoh is called Amanjaya station which is situated in Jelapang, 11km away from Ipoh Town.

There i met my parents and sis, and we had a great time! Nasi vanggey, street art, greentown dimsum were amongst the activity and i departed back to KL via ETS the next day.


My train should have arrived at 0720 so i should have ample time to reach my workplace at 0800. However, it was delayed for an hour due to some non specified rail condition. Reached kl central at 8.15, bandar tasik selatan at 8.45 and workplace at 0900. 😁 it was tiring… But definitely worth it! ✌️