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  1. Hi
    I’m Jag and I was Emcee and one of the organisers of 1KL Heritage Xplorace 2012, 2013 and 2014.

    I have left my previous company, and set up my own event company, called Talented Gene Sdn Bhd. We also do Treasure Hunts, Teambuilding and Amazing Races.
    I am seeking your kind permission to use some of your photos from your blog posting for 1KL Heritage Xplorace that you took part in.

    I would like to use these photos on my new website which is currently under construction : http://www.talentedgene.com

    I would probably only use a few (maybe 5) …and I could submit the choices to you first and get your permission.

    I would deeply appreciate your assistance … many thanks

    Thanks & regards

    Jagdev Singh Gill
    Talented Gene Sdn Bhd
    Authors of Talented Events | Training
    Reach me quickly at :+6012-2528565 or at jag@talentedgene.com

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