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Reality Check (October 2015)

Posted: October 4, 2015 in Blabber, Reflection


From time to time, I need to periodically reexamine my goals in life as i tend to get overwhelmedย by worldly distractions.

My Personas

0. Khalif – struggling with early prayers. inconsistent quran recital. Lets put a more specific focus on Doa.

  • full version doa before meal
  • driving (even to work)

1. Explorer โ€“ at least one weekend getaway overseas.

  • Someone mentioned Greece in December. Santorini!
  • Transborneo trip in January 2016 (planning done)
  • Borneo heights with mom and dad

2. Foodie โ€“ working on easy recipes

  • hashtag gastronomyisnonmedical on instagram
  • will co-write on halal food haven in Kuching

3. Hobbyist โ€“ this is taking most of my time

  • boardgame arena: excellent platform to learn new boardgames and socialize
  • Terra Mystica League: Grand Prize (TM Overlay Fire and Ice Keys)
  • Monthly BG meetup. So far 22082015 and 16092015 was successful
  • BGC Retreat at the Kabin 18-19 December 2015 (registered and paid)
  • Paraphrazed: BG rule simplified (2)
  • New game development based on persona ๐Ÿ˜‰

4. Puzzleteir โ€“ย Treasure hunts participation is dying… Catching up with Escape Room Games

  • 4 escape room locations in Kuching (Mr Max (The Hills), Lost in Kuching (Jalan Song), Epacse (Citadines), and Escapee(Jalan Song))

5. Cinephile โ€“ย No cinema in Sri Aman

  • Latest movie watched : Hotel transylvania 2 25092015

6. Philanthropist โ€“ Mmm…also a dormant persona

  • Mercy Training to look out for
  • Planning to visit and create activity in the children’s home in Ajibah Abol

7. Kiddoc โ€“ย Gazetted, IV Fluid and antibiotic dosing done

  • Research publication
  • SOP for the department. (targeting 1-2 per month) (3)
  • Antibiotic guideline

8. Gentleman โ€“ Mandarin class completed up to intermediate level. Just need to practice more.

  • 75kg before convocation day! seem unachievable at this point ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
  • Guitar class soon
  • A non sedentary activity at least 30 minutes/day (housekeeping, car washing, gardening, lifting, pingpong)

9. Author โ€“ blogging PRN, checked. lol. will have to put on hold until my research publication finish. (when…?)

  • Reading books (target 1 a month)
  • Creative writing

10. Entrepreneur โ€“ Wisma Morhan land clearing done. Next step, road building.

  • selling Liliana, my apartment in KL, will sign agreement end of the month
  • Gates of Nalissa
  • Metrocity shophouse
  • To take tables and chairs from MJC

Kind of showing that Im most of the time a Hobbyist. Short term goal today?

  • Vacuum the house
  • cookย paku belacan for lunch
  • car washing
  • oncall claim
  • greece planning

Transfer frenzy

Posted: August 13, 2015 in Medical, Reflection


I wasn’t clear of my purpose here in Faraway Land apart from giving specialty services to the community. With limited support and resource, there is only so much that i can do. Today, 2 weeks into August, i have transfered 6 cases to the tertiary centre.

1. Right testicular torsion

2. Acute nephrotic nephritic syndrome TRO cause

3. Acute on chronic rheumatic heart disease for echo and further management

4. Vulval hematoma secondary to trauma

5. Prem 30 weeker VLBW 1.1kg for NICU support

6. Prem 35 weeker SGA 1.75kg for establishing feeding but sent over for maternal indication (HELLP syndrome)

I guess all of them are indicated and all of them were sent during the day. None needed to be sent at night. That is definitely a more realistic objective for me. To stabilize the clients over the night to prevent transfer in wee hours.

Later case number 7 was transferred…

7. Meconium Aspiration Syndrome: ventilated

Negligence in Prayers

Posted: December 12, 2014 in Reflection


Today’s Friday preach in PPUKM Mosque emphasized on negligence in prayers. Among the negligence are:

1. Failure to pray in time

“Is a date with human being, more important than a date with your Creator?” ๐Ÿ˜– (deep…)

2. Failure to be khusyuk in prayers

This means the person is thinking of worldly issues and not focusing on their prayers. Also, not understanding the meaning of each verses that are recited, can lead to this failure.

3. Show-off prayers

The person prays only when there are events, or when others are looking at him.

4. Imperfections in each prayer steps

Many areas should be polished in our prayer steps, including tama’ninah (pauses between prayer movements) and postures.

Hopefully, this becomes a reminder for us to focus on perfected prayers in the hope to gain His Blessings.

ุงู„ุตู„ุงุฉ ุนู…ุงุฏ ุงู„ุฏูŠู†, ูู…ู† ุงู‚ุงู…ู‡ุง ูู‚ุฏ ุงู‚ุงู… ุงู„ุฏูŠู† ูˆู…ู† ู‡ุฏู…ู‡ุง ูู‚ุฏ ู‡ุฏู… ุงู„ุฏูŠู†. ุจูŠู‡ู‚ูŠ

Solat is the pillar of Deen and the foundation of Islam. He who upholds solat has upheld Islam and he who leaves solat has left behind religion. (Al-baihaqi)

Disease of the Specialized

Posted: November 11, 2014 in Professional, Reflection


Recently, the health community in Malaysia have been shocked by comments by two new specialists regarding primary health care officers, that went viral in the social media up to a point of involving the utmost authority in the field. Sigh… To think of what people can reduce to when they have power and glory, without realizing that God can take it away from them any time. This is a reminder for myself as well.

I do agree that some officers perform worse than expectation, but they should be helped and guided and not degraded or humiliated publicly in the social media. (I personally cant handle well subordinates with attitude problem, but if knowledge is lacking, then theres always room for improvement). I dont know whats going on in other fields, but in the line of medicine, some dub it as the Disease of the Specialized.

The obstetricians would degrade those who cant perform Caesarean section. The anaesthetists would scoff at those who cant intubate. The physician would shout at those who cant manage hypertension. I cant think of similar examples amongst engineers, accountants, lawyers etc. Is this peculiar to medicine? If it is, then it is a disgrace.

We need to find a cure for this “Disease”. It is important that each specialty know their strength and limitation as well as guide others in the process of learning. In the end, it is for our patients sake. We certainly dont know everything (only God does) and what we do know now is mainly a loan from God. It is back to our own beliefs and upbringing.

A wise person once said, “there’s a very thin line between confidence and arrogance”. I pray i wont cross that line and stay humble. Amin


Early farewell

Posted: October 20, 2014 in Blabber, Event, Reflection


Saying goodbye to a place where you have worked for years, is really hard. My only consolation is that I am going to spend more time with my parents and tend to their needs instead of just treating strangers. (I really hope that I can remain working in Kuching.)

Nonetheless, many people have touched my life along my journey to attain postgraduateship. Staff members especially, i grew fond of them and vice versa. Lecturers, mentors, colleagues and best of all, grateful clients who remembered our deeds. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Last night 19102014, an outing that i thought were casual with the staff, turned into a pre-farewell for me. It was a surprise! In the midst of karaoke, the screen stopped an aired a birthday song and a birthday cake arrived. Still dazed, i was asking around whos birthday it was, and then they told it was for me and theres a present as well. ๐Ÿ˜Š it was sweet… I guess it was one of a few surprises that i had in my life. Awesome!


And then leaving my house behind… And my housemates. I hope that our friendship would last till jannah.

Khutbah Aidiladha 1435H

Posted: October 5, 2014 in Reflection

Dear onlookers,

A person that I know once said, it defeats the purpose if one attended Eid prayers without listening to the Khutbah. It is a mode to convey message to the community, hence one should listen to that message instead of going straight off home after the prayers.

However, it was expected that each year, the Khutbah (in view of the context of Qurban), the preach is on sacrifice, and the story of Nabi Ibrahim and Nabi Ismail came into the picture. There was no difference in 1435H.

The novel info that I received was that, if one slaughtered livestocks before Aidiladha prayers, it would not be considered as Qurban. So my next question would be, until what time after the prayers? Zohor? Asar? Or the whole day?

Apparently, Qurban can be done after the Eid prayer (10 Zulhijjah) until before sun down 13 Zulhijjah. That means, it can be done within 4 days! I don’t remember this detail during my school religious education ๐Ÿ˜….

Now we know… ๐Ÿ˜‰. And thus, proved the point of khutbah, being a mode to convey information is really true. Therefore, from now on, ill listen. Insyaallah ๐Ÿ˜…

Dear Onlookers,

My life had been hectic lately, sleepless nights for more than a fortnight, and finally handed in the final product yesterday. I felt accomplished, and as for my career, the only hurdle now lay on the hands of a foreigner who would determine my worthiness as an expert. 25th November…DO OR DIE!

Since i have derailed so much from the track of life… i’d want to list down my things to do before i leave KL and proceed with my life elsewhere (i don’t think i can finish them in two months though so the list will carry on till the next year onwards :P)

1. Travel :
– my KL to-do list hadn’t improve this year. I only managed the KL Bird Park. I still wanna witness Pandas at the national zoo, Sunway VUVUZELLA, batu caves, jump street PJ, Dining in the dark in changkat, and high tea in carcossa seri negara among others.
– Other local spots would be Kellies Castle by night, and another visit to langkawi. Nature getaways that are must-goes include sekeping serendah, swan mulan and the dusun.
– international scenes -jordan (petra), brazil, krabi, kohsamui, boracay, cebu, laos, myanmar weekend getaway
2. Study : mrcpch 2b (?still a mystery whether ill continue pursuing this), mortality reports (2 of them)
3. Novels : hunger games trilogy (took me ages to finish)
4. Gaming : The Heart of Glorm (Mice and Mystics)
5. Home improvement :kitchen (contact the company to fix the exhaust fan) in Liliana, paint grill in Nalissa, and install grill in catanonia.
6. Self improvement : swim lessons, lose some weight
7. Blogging : at least an entry a week. (52 entries a year)
8. Music : Guitar lessons
9. Language : Mandarin lessons
10. Investments : Wisma Mardawi, A shophouse near Swinburne Kuching.
11. Charity : MERCY trainings
12. Leisure : actively look for treasure hunts, movies and theatres.
13. Foodie : Website for Kuching eateries
14. Grooming : A blazer for my upcoming presentation, to sift through my clothing articles and probably donate some to charity.

Lots of stuff to do…and I’m all Geared up! i come! ๐Ÿ˜‰