Cruise Day 1

Posted: March 6, 2017 in Uncategorized


Despite sleeping at 0130 am, i managed to wale up again at 0630 at continued hunting at 0700. Finally, i got what i wished for, an amazing Party-Pika. 

We went out for breakfast, and wandered around penang. Apparently, its car free day and a lot is happening on the designated streets. 

1130 we went back to the hotel to recharge and pack for our next destination. We went to the jetty for our cruise at 1300 and boarded. I thought it was the bigger ship, but they were two ships on swettenham pier. The smaller one was starcruise Libra. 

On the ship was a 9 storey gargantuan that has multiple facilities including, show area, ktv, restos, swimming pool, basketball court and gambling facilities by one world resort. We had lunch onboard. 

At 1600 we started our journey and 1645 had our safety drill. We were team A1 and our safety boats were number 4,3 and 10. 

After the drill, we were welcomed by a party performance and bbq dinner. 

Internet was an extra charge of rm115.00 for 72 hours for usage of three devices. 

A tour briefing was conducted at 2030 showcasing places of interest in Phuket and Krabi. Plan for dropoff need to be informed to the crew. First out is at 12pm and last to return is at 11.30pm to phuket. 

2115-2200 is a show called Flash Dance which is free. Lol. Very chinese show. They shouldve made it more international. 

We played colt express in  our room and ended our day with two wins of 3. 


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