Ziarah Wida in Madinah 04022017

Posted: February 4, 2017 in Uncategorized


Today is our last day in Madinah al Mukarramah. The last day to obtain 1000 times more than the good deeds in other places. (Mekah would be 100,000 times, and masjidil aqsa would be 500 times.)

I fear God. I was tested a great deal other than my cracked lips and soles. We started our day as usual with subuh, then dhuha. We had breakfast and head out again To say farewell to our Beloved Prophet in Rhaudhah. 


Bab Us Salam. The door to Rhaudhah. 

I walked to Al-baik from Rhaudhah for a second take-out meal requested by dad. Unfortunately it was slightly burnt and dry, unlike the first time. 

After lunch, we prepared to pack and head to the airport. 

Our hotel for the past few days… Hotel Mawaddah Al Waha. It is Andalusia’s own hotel. Not bad. Just that when overcrowded, the dining hall would be crammed. However the food is awesome! 👍🏻👍🏻

We reached airport at 1640 after 30 minutes bus ride and performed Asr. After sorting out luggage and boarding passes, we went through immigration which was surprisingly efficient unlike its counterpart in Jeddah. 

We were given boxed dinner of chicken briyani to eat at the airport. Our flight then took off at 2055. We reached at 1045 Malaysia time and yet our luggage and air zam-zam settled after noon. 

Kuala Lumpur to Kuching at 1700. Its gonna be a tiring day…


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