03022017 Friday in Madinah

Posted: February 3, 2017 in Uncategorized


As usual the day started early by 0500 but this time after Subuh, there was no rush. We got back for breakfast and i went out again by 0930 for friday prayers. The Mutowwif reminded us to go as early as 1000 in view of potential congestion, but i went earlier to try my luck in Raudhah. There were lots of people and therefore i cancelled my plan. However i managed to scout the mosque as well as view the rooftop. 

The lunch was promised to have camel meat which we didnt manage to find the previous night. And voila. Allah granted our wish. 

However i might have put my expectations a bit high. In my opinion, camel meat has the mutton-like taste that made it less extraordinary. I dont think it is too extreme for me to say that it is an overpriced lamb shank. 

But im happy to have eaten it though. Any new experience is good for me ☺️. Then it was Asr, and soon Maghrib and Isya. Time really flies here. Especially in between prayers. Partly because the recital was extra long. 

Then we continued shopping. We bought more sejadah, perfumes, more digital beads, and abayas. There was one miniature of masjidil haram thay caught my eyes. It was stated to be SR220. Solidly made. 

I dont have that much cash after the shopping frenzy in the dates farm. I think, id see what it cost in ebay and compare. Lol. 

We ended our day by buying starbucks mug and headed home. 


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