Madinah day 1 01022017

Posted: February 1, 2017 in Uncategorized


Masjid Nabawin has more neo-Arab kind of architecture, but at the same time keeping the Islamic elemens in every details. We went there early for Subuh prayers as the day’s itinerary was still vague. 

We started our journey at 0745 

The lightings were serene. We were given some briefing on what to do upon reaching Raudhah and performed solat tahiyyatul masjid. I would say, there’s a system to enter rhaudhah. From 0700 till 0000. 30 minutes wait each, 2 doors. Very much similar to rides/shows in theme parks. Just to make sure enough space and time for people to perform solah. Few solat we will perform

1. Solat sunat mutlaq

2. Solat taubat

3. Solat dhuha

4. Solat hajat

After that it was a free and easy session. We had early lunch, and after zuhur, we had a stroll on the streets of Madinah, and most of their goods are similar to each other, ie abaya, fake jewelleries, dates…we took more pictures and bought ice cream. 😅

Maghrib and isya was performed at the mosque. It is way cooler and drier than Mecca. My skin is dry. And the cracks on my soles are getting worse. 

We had the controversial dinner in Al baik after recommended by a friend. Controversial because initially we wanted to consume camel meat but when mom said its  not worth it to travel all the way, we couldnt find the resto despite the ustaz spelt it out to us. No one seem to know the place. Anyway. After al baik, three galabaya and a bit of pokestop spinning 🙈, we ended our day. 


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