Wida 31012017

Posted: January 31, 2017 in Uncategorized


Its a sad day today… we are leaving Mecca. It is part of the ritual to say a proper goodbye by performing tawaf wida. 

We are not allowed to take pictures after tawaf wida so after subuh, we took loads of photos on the rooftop as well as at the kaabah. 

We did some last minute shopping before the tawaf (Tahina and more fig jam). After tawaf, we had our final meal in Mecca and waited for the bus. The bus departed at 1430 towards Madinah (421 km away) with an ETA of 2100. 

Midway, we made a stop for Asr prayers and early dinner at 1620. It is said that we wont be provided dinner in Madinah. 

We continued our journey at 1740 and entered Madinah at 2015. We arrived at Hotel Mawaddah al Waha at 2045. 

We had a stroll towards Masjid Nabawi after jamak isya/maghrib prayers while buying shawarma for dinner. The night view of Masjid Nabawi was awesome. 

Headed back, had dinner or supper for that matter, and then ended our day. 


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